I'm trying to work up ideas for lightweight interlocking structural panels or blocks (probably suitable for 1 and 2 story buildings only unless other strategies are used with it) that could be digitally printed or inexpensively molded in plastic, and then strengthened in their ultimate disposition by being sandwiched between adhesive cement layers. I am not the best qualified person to be working on this! What I need is a really cool kid with a 3D printer that he just can't leave alone.

Maybe someone could start by scanning a milk crate in 3D and then tweaking the design by adding interior webbing to deal with any vectors that might ask to be dealt with. That's it. I'm thinking of a light and airy design that's much lighter than wood.

The thought came to me when I realized that I don't have what it takes to fix or enlarge my house. Traditional structural insulated panels are way too heavy for me, as are cob and wood.

Another thought is that the lightweight members could be used for temporary structures if they are used with a framework that provides the kinds of strength they don't have -- the kinds of strength that the adhesive cement layers would lend to the permanent structures.

I came here to fish for collaborators who know what they are doing -- starting with people who know the vocabulary of the different strengths of materials, people who know how to deal with vectors and people who tinker with 3D printers. I wanted these to be developed in the public domain for the obvious reasons. So please if you can help, glom on before corporate America does. Thanks.

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