Knowledge management for development is widely recognized as international development

Knowledge management in the fields of aid and international development involves many factors, including:

  • Sharing expertise between organizations in related areas
  • Sharing knowledge between the different agents in development - external actors (consultants, NGOs, activists), program participants and other stakeholders.

A radical open development approach involves:

This can be seen in the context of Amartya Sen's Development as Freedom, as development constituted by the free access to the knowledge needed for to empower and enable the "targets" of development to become informed, make decisions and take action for themselves.

Appropedia's role as an open development wiki is an example of an extremely open approach to knowledge management in development.

Meme and tag[edit | edit source]

km4dev is shorthand for knowledge management for development - it is used for example as a tag in social media.

You can search for km4dev in:

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