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Location Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
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An invention as seen by Cedric Kalonji, a Congolese journalist in Kinshasa (D.R.C.).

For the lack of a cheap power supply in the City of Kinshasa, smart mechanics came up with this little stove that speeds up combustion by adding a little electric fan (hidden inside this tube that looks like being part of a flat spring). The fan itself is powered by (Chinese!) batteries and with the burning of charcoal, this quick stove obviously isn't the greenest solution (and depending on how the batteries or replaced or recharged, perhaps not the cheapest. But it works and does the job for those who will otherwise have no alternative.

Cedric also mentions on his blog post that it's difficult to identify the inventor of this device. A perfect example of how low-cost technology easily gets adopted and/or modified (and why intellectual property rights are still a major issue in many places).

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