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Journal in Empowerment Technologies

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ETECH (quackquack-charot)[edit]

    When I was in grade 7, ICT or Information and Communication Technology subject is in row with the subjects that I like. 

Empowerment Technology is the subject I know that I excel due to the circumstances above, I feel sorry for Sir because I continuously interrupts his discussion because I unconsciously answers his questions. The 1st semester is fun sir tackled the basics of web page, web browser etc. I'm grateful that the school manages to engage us, the students into technology. As a 21st century learner I know to myself that I learn faster when the teacher is using technology for teaching. Just like when we play kahoot the technology based a quiz like, there are questions to be answered of groups. In here there's no MP4 means manila paper 4, we use PowerPoint slides to report our progress on some of our projects like the web page, below I posted the link for it visit for more information about Computer Literacy. The computer etiquette that I know but sometimes I forget is also been tackled, like changing your password every month that I as a computer literate which I didn't follow, Always run Anti-Virus Scan on your device because there's malware, worms, viruses, and ads that can harm, damage or even broke your computer. On the second Grading we made A web page to promote animal welfare, I also posted the URL below. In there we can see the progress if our program is successful. The entire journey in Empowerment Technology is fun. Maybe sometime in future I will also be in-front of a group of students teaching technology.