Jon Tester is a U.S. Senator from Montana. He defeated incumbent Republican Conrad Burns in 2006.

An organic farmer, owner of a butcher shop, and former Montana state legislator. Tester is a man close to the earth raised on the same family-owned farm (over 1,000 acres) that his grandfather homesteaded in 1916 and has never made more than $30,000 a year.

When he came to Washington from Big Sandy (population 710) he brought with him 50 pounds of organic beef and pork that he slaughtered himself.

  • John Tester graduated from the College of Great Falls in 1978 with a degree in music (he played the trumpet), and in addition to his other occupations, Tester has worked as a music teacher for Big Sandy Public Schools.
  • While farming, Tester often went up to two weeks at a time without seeing another human being save for his wife Sharla.[1]

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