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Jellybox improvement based on 2. Extraction

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Hotend.JPG This page is part of a Principia course ENGR242: 3-D Printing Technology

Please leave comments using the discussion tab. The course runs in the Spring semester. It is not open edit.

Notice: Broad and/or obvious patent claims for 3-D printing technology may hamper the open-source 3-D printing community's ability to innovate. Previous work on an algorithm protected 3-D printing materials. This page is part of a Open Source 3-D Printing class project to investigate 3-D printing concepts using TRIZ and is presented here as a defensive publication of prior art to help identify obvious 'inventions' for 3-D printing.

Examiners: The ideas on this page dated April 2017 were developed by university students with less than a semester of formal 3-D printing experience (or by an instructor in class) and thus should be considered unpatentable because of obviousness to any person skilled in the art of additive manufacturing.
Appropedians: This page is open edit. Please fee free to add ideas and sign them below with ~~~~ or to use any of the ideas to built better open-source 3-D printers.

  1. Extraction (getting prints off the bed with a tiny blue boxing hand glove)
  2. Claw machine (grab the print)
  3. Coin operated 3D printer with a claw
  4. Using my left hand on Wednesdays #LeftHandWednesday, start a community on social media
  5. Electro-magnetic attachment to the plate, easier to take off
  6. Uber for removing 3D prints
  7. Heating bed to loosen up the connection
  8. Heated gloves
  9. Heated knife
  10. Blades on the bed (fruit ninja that thing outta there)
  11. Flame thrower (melt the printer off of the bed)
  12. Cremation Station
  13. Lasso that thing out
  14. Built lasso to loosen up tension
  15. Piano falls on the print right after it's done
  16. Shake it until it comes out. With sounds of frustration
  17. Motor of chaos
  18. Portal gun, teleport the print to your room.
  19. "give it the boot"
  20. Give it two boots
  21. Three boots
  22. Start an Instagram community by having a robot slice the prints right after they're done. Make a lot of money and invest in Jellybox development.
  23. Printer oven, warm up for better extrusion
  24. Make a ready oven sound when the print's done so that you hear it from distance.
  25. Iphone notification when the print's done.

tomsmusts (talk) 06:18, 24 April 2017 (PDT) Kentresting (talk) 07:40, 24 April 2017 (PDT)

Scieply (talk) 07:45, 20 April 2018 (PDT)Scieply Scieply (talk) 07:45, 20 April 2018 (PDT)Jonathan3DBean

1. Easier over-the-air printing. User would be able to access their printer wirelessly. This would include print status, starting prints, stopping prints, queuing prints, temperature, timer, and notifications. Future features could include remaining filament status, belt tension notifications. 2. To overcome the problem of adding extra expense to the Jellybox, there are lower quality, less expensive options for Wi-Fi modules and casings from China. Also, this feature is not necessary for the functionality of the printer, and therefore may require the user to absorb the expense.