Please sign up to table for the J Point Donation Project (In the JGC Cafeteria) during FINALS week, Fall'06.

Cafeteria Schedule[edit | edit source]

Lunch M-F: 10:30a-1:30p

Dinner M-R: 4:30p-7p

Brunch Sat-Sun: 10:30a-1p

Dinner Fri-Sun: 4:30-6:30

J Grill (In Cafeteria): Sun-Fri 5-9pm

Focus on 4:45-7:30pm (but whenever you can is great!)

(Ajay and Veronica will be picking up most of the slack for days not filled in, but we have finals too! :)

Sign-up sheet[edit | edit source]


Questions and Answers[edit | edit source]

Q When should I table?
A People will not see the table until they are done with their meals, so tabling right when the cafeteria opens will not usually be very productive, unless, instead of tabling, you walk from table to table. Dinner is the highest traffic time, that is why we are tabling then.
Q Will my points roll over to next semester?
A If you are still a student, they can continue to use them.
Q When will my J Points be deducted?
A During winter break.
Q What if i don't have that many points left?
A They won't take more than you have. :) They'll adjust it.
Q Who is our target audience?
A Graduating seniors and exchange students who won't be here next semester. But, if everyone of 600 people donate $1, that's $600, so maybe that's not a bad thing either!
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