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The InterWiki map charts interwiki link prefixes. If you wish to propose a new prefix, please do so on the talk page. Remember to specify why the prefix would be useful on a significant number of pages on Appropedia projects.

Editing administrators should remember that the prefix (first column) cannot contain spaces ( ), colons (:), ampersands (&), or equal signs (=). They should not be two letters, to avoid likely conflict with languages (en:, fr:, etc). Unlike the first column suggests, none of the letters in the prefixes are case sensitive. The second column need to follow the established format, specifically "$1"


If you wish to have a wiki added to this map, please leave a note on the talk page. It may be some weeks or months before it is manually added, due to our large to-do list, but we will respond.

(There was a script which updated the map daily, but it seemed to be causing the map to break regularly. We've now disabled it, as the map was rarely being updated anyway.)

A script copies the list below into the database regularly - it is set to run daily at 9PM PSTW (5AM UTCW). So if you want to see if your changes worked, check them after that time.

Checking if the map is working

The following links should all be blue, and link directly to external wikis. If they are redlinks, then the interwiki map is currently broken.

Test new additions (after April 2010)

Note to anyone who understands wiki tech: When were running the update script (see above) sometimes this map would break, and we don't know why. We've turned off the auto-update script. If you can help (so we can run the script again) please leave a note on the talk page.

Formatting issue

A space after the colon shouldn't matter - double-check this is the case: Greenlivingpedia: Green computing vs Greenlivingpedia:Green computing; Howtopedia: Foo vs Howtopedia:Foo.

(It doesn't matter with local namespace links, e.g. Appropedia: About and Appropedia:About.)

WikiIndex lists and categorizes many wikis.

CentralWikia:Society Gardens: A summary of active, established Wikia sites on serious topics (ie not entertainment or gaming).

Appropedia endorsed interwiki links

Please do not change the format of this table, as the script depends on the format in order to update the database.


  1. mw: is used for the site, as "MediaWiki:" is a namespace within Appropedia (e.g. MediaWiki:Upload).
  2. Fluwikie has not been added - the format required for wikilinks is different from other wikis (two parts of the title, separated by a period) and likely to lead to confusion. It's simpler to use regular external link format rather than an interwiki in this case.
  3. Ekopedia: links to the English site. Language prefixes should work for other languages: Ekopedia:fr:Accueil.
  4. w: has been added for Wikipedia, for convenience in talk pages and edit summaries. For actual articles, Wikipedia: is strongly preferred for greater clarity.
  5. Any listed Wikia project can be reached using [[Wikia:Projectname]] for the home page, and [[Wikia:Projectname:Article name]] for an article. CentralWikia: is used for Wikia:www

Search engines (including site searches)


  • PubMed is sometimes known as Medline. PubMed is used as the link in Appropedia.
  • For most (all?) search engines listed here, you should not use spaces in the search terms, but a plus sign instead. Or use a hyphen to specify that the words are adjoining.
    • This works for Google, Scholar... (others not yet checked)
    • With Pubmed it makes no difference whether hyphen (minus signs) or plus signs are used - Searching for a phrase says quotes or hyphens are used for a phrase search, but they don't seem to make a difference in practice.)
  • Note that Google Scholar is Scholar, not GoogleScholar.

Other Interwiki Links

Note: The wikis below are not part of the interwiki map, but are placed here for reference. To make them part of the map, an admin may add $1 to the end and move to the "Appropedia endorsed interwiki links" section above. Other users may suggest additions on the [[Talk:Interwiki map|talk page].