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Disease-repelling plants are plants can be used to repel insects (that may or may not act as host to diseases) and/or microbes.

These may have some effect in reducing discomfort from annoying insects, and will possibly have a positive health impact and risk reduction. However they must never be considered as replacements for proven techniques such as bednets, DEET insect-repellant, and mosquito control practices.

The plants can be spread in rooms using electric vaporisers or flame-based vaporisers[1] or dry herb heaters[2] The substances however need to be spread in each room, ie by placing one unit in each room, or via a HVAC duct.

Plants useful against insects[edit | edit source]

Plants useful against Anopheles mosquitoes[edit | edit source]

  • Lemon grass:[3] sprayed
  • Ocimum americanum L.: burned
  • O. basilicum L.: burned
  • O. kilimandscharicum Guerke: burned
  • O. suave Willd.: burned
  • Lantana camara L.: burned
  • Tagetes minuta L.: laying branches in the house
  • Azadirachta indica A. Juss: laying branches in the house
  • Hyptis suaveolens Poit.: burned
  • Lantana camara: burned
  • H. suaveolens: laying branches in the house
  • Lippia uckambensis Spreng: burned
  • Corymbia citriodora Hook; burned[4]
  • Conyza newii: essential oil
  • Plectranthus marrubioides: essential oil
  • Lippia javanica: essential oil
  • Lippia ukambensis: essential oil
  • Tetradenia riparia, (Iboza multiflora): essential oil
  • Tarchonanthus camphoratus: essential oil[5]

Plants useful against flies[edit | edit source]

Sandflies[edit | edit source]


Black flies[edit | edit source]

Simulium[edit | edit source]


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