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Innovative sheltering 1 The problem of providing emergency shelter

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  • bigger picture, broader issues, context
  • bangladesh, peru, african floods, philippines tornados etc.
  • shelters, yes, it could be better
  • $265 is the cost of a disaster tent
  • $100 for air freight
    • as an architect, how did I wind up having to do tents?
  • tents is what we do
  • climate events: 70% of disasters, 1bn affected
  • lots of small disasters
  • risk reduction, exceptions (wars, refugees, cold climate etc.)
  • shelter should - protection from climate, security/safety, public health, family/community life, dignity
  • promote - communal, self-sufficiency, risk reduction, minimize economic/environmental impact, positive economic effects
  • consider - enough space, protection from risk, services, community resources (schools etc.), energy inputs, food storage, refuse, cultural appropriateness.
  • informed by - scale of disaster, climate, political/security, rural/urban, host community issues, govt. etc. mandates.
  • disaster timeline
    • before disaster - built their own hoses etc.
    • during disaster - support sheltering, materials, cash, labor, help
    • after disaster - goes back to pre-disaster housing processes
  • support process, local innovations, innovative processes, flexible niche solutions

A few examples of emergency shelter: