Saamaynta togan ee ICT ku leedahay bulshada.

ICT waa Tignoolajiyada Isgaarsiinta Warfaafinta. Waxa ay door lama huraan ah ku leedahay wax ka beddelka, iyo casriyaynta hababka waxbarasho iyo waxbarasho ee maanta. Si la mid ah tignoolajiyada macluumaadka, ICT waa tignoolajiyad kale oo dadka ka caawisa inay helaan macluumaadka.

Waxay diiradda saartaa isgaarsiinta oo ay ku jiraan shabakad wireless, internet, iyo sidoo kale dhexdhexaadinta isgaarsiinta. Suuqa waxaa ka buuxa agabyo kala duwan oo ICT-ga ah, oo ay ku jiraan warshadaha xisaabinta, bandhiga elegtarooniga ah, iyo isgaarsiinta. ICT waxay nolosheenna u saamaysaa siyaabo togan iyo kuwa taban. Noo sheeg wax badan oo ku saabsan saamayntan si faahfaahsan.

Saamaynta togan ee ICT

The major benefit of ICT on people is the increased access to services, and information that has accompanied in the progress of the Internet. ICT provides quick access to affordable, and better means of communication in the form of Instant Messaging, and VoIP phone. It brings exciting ways to indulge in entertainment, leisure, build contacts, make relations, and procure services, and goods from suppliers.

This technology assist in enhanced access to education, in the form of on-line tutorials, and distance learning. People get to enjoy newer modes of learning as virtual reality, and interactive multi-media. Mobile working, flexible work schedules, virtual offices, etc. help people to enjoy improved job opportunities in the communications area.

Bixi qalab cusub, iyo fursado cusub

The second important impact of Information Communication Technology is that it provides access to a wide range of new tools that have not existed before.

ICT provides distinctive, and highly innovative set of tools and processes in areas of photography. Use of photo-editing software, high quality printers, and digital cameras enables people to yield impressive outcome. In this way, these technologies have replaced the need for a photographic studio to a large extent.

ICT also aids people to overcome their disabilities. Screen reading or magnification software assist blind or partially sighted people to work using an ordinary text instead of using Braille.

Enhances operation of organizations

There are basically three main regions that are influenced by ICT in an organization: communications, security, and information management.

  • Communication: ICT provides technologies like VoIP are more efficient and affordable that other forms of commonly used communication in the organization such as telephone, messaging, email, and sales catalogues. VoIP allows people to access to large and worldwide markets easily.
  • Flexible response Organizations that have implemented ICT ensures good communication. This implies that they can quickly and easily respond to changes. This technology implies improved customer relations, better supply chain for services, and goods, serve customers efficiently by quickly manufacturing new products as per their requirements etc.
  • Information management: Organizations greatly benefit from ICT for management of their information. Better stock control, less wastage, increased cash flow, etc. are some of the benefits realized by mangers who use ICT in their organization. By being constantly updated of the information, they can form better decisions.
  • Enhanced Security: ICT can improve security of the data. Its encryption methods help in keeping data secure from people with malicious intent. This technology stores encryption for storing as well as sending data electronically. This enables commercial secrecy within the organization. ICT uses physical security systems to access data such as face or iris recognition, or fingerprint detection.
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