Humboldt State University compost contamination project

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The 2012 Spring semester class of Engr370 Energy, Technology and Society continued the 2011 Humboldt State University Paper Towel Diversion Project. Phase II of the project culminates in a memorandum of understanding supported by documented research. This document asks participating stakeholders to take a vested interest in the project. The memorandum is not meant to be contractual but rather a step towards an easy facilitation of the project through understanding and agreement to the proposed elements of the project. The document is supported by further research into an effective paper towel collection system and a community based social marketing plan to change social norms on the campus. Teams were developed to work on each component and contribute to the final document. The following is a detailed outline of the project development and a summary of the final product.

Purpose and context[edit | edit source]

Describe the current situation including describing/linking to HSU and HWMA.

Observations at HWMA[edit | edit source]

Describe observations from HWMA with images and text.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Can we describe the costs here? Ask if it is okay to publicly do this.

Contamination reduction[edit | edit source]

Describe Purpose – reduce contamination of compost with negligible impact on total compost or cost.

Depot observation[edit | edit source]

Describe our observations in text. Maybe embed a wordle image as well.

Audience[edit | edit source]

Describe audience with text.

Video[edit | edit source]

Describe and embed video (see Help:Video).

Discussion and next steps[edit | edit source]

Discussion and next steps… (eg. sign switch).