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One place to easily see, share, and suggest ideas.

How it could be different is a website where one can easily see, vote on, comment on, share, and suggest current, innovative ideas in different categories. The site can be thought of as a "Wikipedia for ideas" or a "democratic TED" that features both ideas from the world (TED, think tanks, articles, research papers) and from our community. By collecting ideas in one place and explaining them in an abridged way, How it could be different is able to:

  • make it easy to learn about and spread ideas to improve issues, programs, products, and policy
  • cause inspiration in thinking about how the world could be different
  • determine which ideas and innovations people most support
  • provide a forum for suggesting and discussing ideas
  • form groups and provide opportunities to potentially bring ideas to life

Understanding the Market[edit]

Our peers and competitors are similar websites that show ideas such as: - - - - As well as other think tanks, magazines, newspapers, online sites that also showcase ideas. However, How it could be different is a unique model because we are compiling ideas across sites and organizations. We are also displaying ideas in an easy to grasp format as well as adding a voting mechanism and area for members to suggest their own ideas. Our success depends on the quality of the ideas that we present, engaging users, and continuing to develop to the site to have user-centered design and good information architecture.

Project Goals[edit]

For Operation change: For example, let’s say you are a workforce development practitioner at a small nonprofit in Arkansas. You go to How it could be different and type in “Workforce Development” and can instantly see the ideas (ranked by how many people agree with the idea) of how workforce development could change. You read about Year Up, an organization that offers participants paid internships with corporations, in which the corporation funds. You decide that this is a good program that could work at your own nonprofit. You are able to connect with other How it could be different members and ask questions about how to implement the program. You are also able to suggest your own ideas of how this idea could improve.

For Policy change: For example, let’s say that you have just read an article about pervasive homelessness in Spain. By accessing How it could be different and access ideas under “Homelessness”, you realize that the Housing First strategy has been proven to work well in different research studies. You are connected to other users to advocate implementing this policy in your city as well as on a national level through the Spanish government. You also begin to support nonprofits that implement the Housing First strategy.

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