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How Empowerment Technologies Changed My 11th Grade Life

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Empowerment Technologies is a part of our school’s curriculum that trains us students into using different ICT tools in our daily lives. Through the different activities in the subject, our decision-making skills and skills to communicate and adapt to different environments are put to the test. As a student who uses ICT tools for different activities, whether it’d be in school or at home, I’ve slowly grown dependent in using ICT tools.

As the teacher give us different activities to comply our objectives and goals in a certain topic, we are usually tasked to work in different groups, assigned randomly. And usually as I find out about the groupmates or the given task, my thoughts are usually positive thoughts. The overall projects are positive because it lets us practice ang apply our literacy in technology. For me, it serves as our evaluations if we learned and understood the topic well. As we slowly work our way into finishing these tasks, some interesting discoveries I made is that my groupmates would work on teams and help each other. They'd always cheer the group for motivation even if everything looks so miserable and sad. During the making, all of us were very tired but manage to finish the work on time. For myself, I figured that I can do things that I've always thought I cannot. Examples are talking to children, handling children, creating projects with the use of ICT tools, etc. At times, I negatively react. I see it not as a burden but a challenge for me as a student, and I don't see any problem with that at all. However, there are multiple challenges that we students face when finishing these tasks and I believe that is self-management. Sometimes or probably most of the time, I can't manage my to do stuffs properly. This is because I procrastinate. Most challenging is when subjects have the same deadlines. For example, the E-TECH seminar and the 21st century trailer. We have slowly gotten used to the different tasks that our teacher gives us, like groupworks such as group reports and presentations, and collaborating with different students and as a student, the most powerful learning moment was when we were tasked to create a blog. We couldn't rely on our own knowledge about the topic, so we researched. As we find and search for data and information, I learned and discovered things that had me the urge to do more of my research about the topic. For example, the climate change. Another is when we were tasked to create another platform from different topics.

After these different activities, I have reflected on myself more and how I do these tasks. I do believe and know that I procrastinate. I have learned that what I really need to accomplish tasks successfully is mainly applying the concept of self-management. I also realized that every opinion of the group members is a need to solve a problem. Through understanding the different opinion and perspectives of fellow groupmates, it helps create positive and great solutions. With these experiences, we will be more open to the real world, that an individual need to be open in terms of opinions because one's own knowledge is not enough to provide a solution. It needs help from another. "No man is an island." As we work for these tasks, our communication between our classmates have improved greatly. My group mates for this semester are quite good and wise enough to be open for new information and opinions. 10. When we were tasked to do a spreadsheet about our chosen topic. A groupmate failed to do her responsibilities as a groupmate and I believe that because of this, our output fell short.

A student always face these different challenges when doing these projects. But through proper communication and when choosing the right decisions, is a stepping stone to the preparation of the students for the real world. It is never easy to deal with people with different thoughts and opinions about certain things, but the ICT tools have helped us connect with our groupmates and work well with our presentation.