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Honda CR-V 2020 Hybrid Version

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Honda CR-V 2020[edit]

Honda CR-V Hybrid 2020 still owns the old engine cluster with i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive), similar to the Accord Hybrid. 2.0L 4-cylinder engine combined with 2 electric motors, for a total capacity of 212 horsepower. With the battery pack placed under the floor, the CR-V Hybrid promises to still have plenty of space for the luggage compartment. Although not yet published fuel consumption figures, Honda is confident that the CR-V Hybrid is 50% more efficient than the old version (on the inner city). This is equivalent to 5.6 L / 100km (urban roads).

The remaining Honda CR-V 2020 facelift versions will use a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, producing 190 horsepower. Accompanied by a CVT gearbox and optional AWD drive.

In terms of design, the Honda CR-V 2020 has many changes in appearance such as a refreshed front bumper, a larger air opening for LED fog lamps and chrome accents. The taillights have been upgraded with dark tones, the rear bumper is flatter, with a trapezoidal exhaust.

To identify the Hybrid version, the Japanese carmaker has a hybrid logo on the sides and the rear, the exhaust is hidden in the chrome bar on the bumper and the H badge in the grille is decorated in blue.

In the upgraded version, CR-V EX, EX-L and Hybrid versions use 18-inch wheels of the new design, the most advanced version is 19-inch Touring, while the standard LX fitted 17-inch wheels. There are also 3 new exterior colors.

In terms of interior, the new Honda CR-V Hybrid has a major and useful improvement in the interior. It is the replacement of the gear lever on the dashboard with the shift knob instead of the exclusive shift lever (like on the Pilot and Accord elder models). Thanks to that, the car's interior will look neat and the driver's gear shift will also look softer.

It has 3 modes of driving Eco, Sport and EV, wireless charging, new digital dashboard. Another exclusive feature on the Hybrid version is the gear shift lever that acts like an on / off switch to slow down. Specifically, when the driver activates the trigger to the left, it will increase the amount of regenerative braking from the engine until the deceleration.

Honda CR-V upgrade version is expected to sell in the US from early 2020, the price announced at the same time. In the US, CR-V is a competitor to Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tucson, Nissan X-Trail / Rogue, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander or Hyundai SantaFe.

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