The 5-1/2 yurt was conceived as a solution to three problems the classic hexayurt has:

  • Short door
  • Limited headroom
  • Multi-person assembly

In concept it is similar to the H13, but with the advantage of greater stability, as the door is cut from a single, vertical 4' x 8' panel, which can be backed with plywood. The name comes from the fact that the footprint is kind of halfway between a pentayurt and a hexayurt: it has five horizontal 4' x 8' panels, and one vertical panel. The rest of the geometry naturally fills in the space above this basic skeleton.


The first 5-1/2 yurt was built for Burning Man 2018 and tested on the playa. See below for more details.

This page is currently just a rough sketch for construction. It contains sufficient information for you to build a 5-1/2 yurt if you have prior experience with hexayurts. But you should be familiar with the basic hexayurt instructions.







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