OpenSearch is a standard that allows browsers that support OpenSearch to easily search sites that support the standard. Now that Appropedia supports OpenSearch, if you use FireFox 2 or higher, or Internet Explorer 7 or higher, you can configure you browsers search tool to include Appropedia as a search option.

Adding Appropedia Search to FireFox 2[edit | edit source]

To configure FireFox, you must be viewing an Appropedia page. (If you're looking at this in your browser, you're all set). Then simply click the drop-down box to the left of the search tool on the navigation toolbar to see a list of choices. (If you have Google toolbar or other toolbar installed, be sure that your looking at the FireFox Navigation Toolbar.) You should see 'Add "Appropedia (English)"' as one of the choices. Click on that choice, and your configuration is done. You will be able to select Appropedia as the search engine whenever you wish.

Adding Appropedia Search to Internet Explorer 7[edit | edit source]

To configure Internet Explorer, click the drop-down box to the right of the search tool bar and select "Find More Providers...", then follow the simple instructions under "Create Your Own".

Public Domain Test Search[edit | edit source]

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