Email notifications[edit | edit source]

Notifications alert you when changes to your talk page and/or all pages on your watchlist have been made.

To enable notifications, first, you must confirm your email address, then go to preferences (bottom section of main tab).

Email options[edit | edit source]

These options allow you to set an email address to send the notifications you receive on Appropedia, and to choose how you want to receive the notification emails:

  • Do not send notifications via email;
  • send individual notifications for each event;
  • send a daily summary of notifications;
  • sends a weekly summary of notifications.


Notify me about these events[edit | edit source]

With these checkboxes you can choose the events that should generate a notification when they occur, also specifying whether you want to receive the notification on Appropedia or by email (or both):

  • Talk page message
  • Thanks
  • Mention
  • Page link
  • User rights change
  • Edit revert
  • Email from other users
  • Email milestone

Using an email filter[edit | edit source]

To avoid your Inbox filling up and distracting you, you might set up an email filter to put these emails in a particular folder. (In Gmail, the filter archives and labels Appropedia "WikiAdmin" emails.) For example if you check them daily, call the folder or label "! Daily" - the optional ! puts it at the top of the list, so you don't forget.

You may wish to use exceptions, so that high-priority changes come straight to your inbox. For example, if you want to immediately see emails about changes to any page with water or wastewater in the title, or to certain community pages, or to your user or talk page, your filter (in Gmail) looks something like this:

from:(WikiAdmin subject:(Appropedia-page has-been -YOURUSERNAME -water -wastewater -Technical-questions -Appropedia-policy-discussion -Village-pump)

Paste that in the Has the words: box in Gmail - and don't forget to change YOURUSERNAME to your actual username.

Note - the problem with not viewing every email that comes in is that you will not be alerted next time there's a change. You may wish to view all the pages in your watchlist occasionally, to reset the alerts.

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