Appropedia is an open platform for knowledge Sharing in Sustainability and Development, it is a really good site where in users and publishers can share information with each other, further enriching the knowledge of people in a cost effective way. No it is a good information source it is also somewhat unreliable. I have read the whats, who’s and how’s of the site and no where did I see a team dedicated to keeping the information posted in check.

I acknowledge that multiple universities and groups of academics work together to gather information for Appropedia but anyone with an email account can do the same, this can open a lot of doors to misleading information, and fake news. With the size of Appropedia being as it is, collaborating with Humboldt State University, Queens University, Kingston, and Clarion University of Pennsylvania, it is undeniable that they reach is far and wide. At the same time it can also be that your mental to spread use that is possibly unreliable, not from the University themselves but from the users that participate in the site. It would be nice to see such a big Organization work towards the verification of information being passed around it’s site.

Also as a new user of Appropedia, One of the problems that I ran into was the layout of the site. It was so cluttered and had so many protruding tabs that I did not know where to start. There was no introduction or tutorial on how to start your own article which was a major inconveniencing you users. It would be nice to have a starting information catalog or introduction To the site