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This article is an offshoot of Community action London, and focuses on sustainability topics relevant to social wellbeing. The majority of our information about this is collated via our place pages...Near you.

Arts, sport and culture[edit | edit source]

Health and wellbeing[edit | edit source]

Citizens data initiative

  • Right to Know, Learn about the systemic and environmental trends that could be impacting your health., enter your postcode for local results, added 10:26, 18 January 2022 (UTC)


Community safety[edit | edit source]

  • Know Where To Go, online directory of support services for women dealing with domestic violence, rape, forced marriage, trafficking and prostitution
  •, real-time advice and information

Road safety[edit | edit source]



Stop Killing Cyclists, Facebook Discussion Group, is the direct action protest group set up after last November's terrible spate of cyclist killings in London. They arranged the mass Die-In at TfL HQ where 1,500 cyclists laid down in the road in protest at lack of safety investment in London.
Stop The Killing is the associated group of pedestrian, cycling and environmental grass-root activists who want to eliminate Traffic Violence which includes Westminster Living Streets, Stop Killing Cyclists and the Campaign Against Climate Change.[1]

Housing[edit | edit source]

From Walter Segal to RUSS - the story of community-led housing in Lewisham
Authors: World Habitat, Oct 23, 2018

see also: Lewisham community action, Housing UK community action resources

London Community Land Trust: Creating communities through affordable housing
Authors: Cooperative City, Nov 17, 2020

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Press release, November 16, 2014

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