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A Plastic Plate Press[edit | edit source]

Bachrach, Mark (2018-08-24). "A Plastic Plate Press". WikiJournal.

Alternative design methodology:

  • Four inclined bottle jacks at each of the four corners of the plate press
  • Press surface constructed from large rectangular steel extrusions to provide active cooling and lateral stiffness* Robust design and adjustable top plate position
  • Welded frame assembly
  • Symmetric welded mold with bent handles for ease of use
  • Top and bottom molds nest, and top press plate footprint fits within profiled mold to apply even pressure
  • Improved mold design for plastic overflow and minimized post processing of produced sheet

Protomax Plastics large sheet press[edit | edit source]

"Protomax Plastics large sheet press". YouTube. 2016.

Large scale press relying on a hinge mechanism and table clamp in place of a vertical actuator joining two tables.

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