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Empowerment Technology- Reflection

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Empowerment Technology is a well growing web and software development company and providing technical training on various technology. It really has a great help in grade 11 Senior High School because it can enhance the skill of the students in technology for those who would take up I.T in the future they would have a greater skills and improve it in senior high school. I have learned the things that needed an understanding about the technology the safety use of it, we must be attentive in using the internet because I have learned that internet is a powerful tool that can help or cramp us in the internet world I have learned about the acronyms of the internet uses like (WWW,HTML,etc) and its meaning. Also I have learned about the threats in internet, having this lesson really helped me because it teaches me on what should be done if I have encountered one of these threats, we must be very careful on what we click in the internet because sometimes it results to the destruction of a ones personal computer or mobile phones. Lastly, I have learned how to create a blog site, blog site for me is very helpful to the people because without blog site people would not know about a specific news or an article that is happening around the world. Also I have planned that I would use the skills that I have learned in empowerment technology in the future teach the young ones before me if I have to, and let them have the knowledge of wider innovative young ones

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