The Effective Environmentalism community (and Facebook group) is an offshoot of Effective Altruism (EA), and shares the EA movement’s emphasis on “doing the most good we can”. As such, we emphasise making good decisions through fair and honest analysis of all options.

There is no set of beliefs you must subscribe to to be part of EE, but we are committed to constructive, productive dialogue which includes constructive criticism and making good-faith arguments. This tends to mean putting aside strident advocacy in favour of discussion of various issues, and being willing to change your mind about what the most effective thing to do might be.

An introduction to the kind of analysis that we support can be found in this ten page synopsis of Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air, a book (free online) by the late David MacKay. We had no direct connection to MacKay, but share his passion for accepting the facts of the matter in order to make the most positive and impactful decisions for our environment.

More information is found in this Google doc (which we hope to convert to MediaWiki format and place here): Effective Environmentalism Resources

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