Wood Side Retreat ()Core Objectives of our eco global arts village
The Tribe of Füssen/Likatien ()The Tribe of Füssen/Likatien
Forum-Vauban ()In the South of Freiburg, on the former area of a French army barrack site, the new Vauban Residential Area (42 ha) is home to approxiamtely 5,000 inhabitants. The planning started in 1993 and in 2006, after three development sections, the district was completed. Vauban is a community that strives to meet ecological, social, economical and cultural sustainability. Since its foundationa, the project has achieved remarkable results in the fields of energy-saving, traffic reduction, social integration and in creating a sustainable neighbourhood.
Camphill Community: Vallersund Gaar ()As a Camphill village community, there are close connections to the other Camphill villages and schools all over the world. Co-workers, villagers and some formal drugusers have transformed a run down nineteenth-century fishing centre into Vallersund Gård with space for fishing, a farm, a bakery, a weavery, a 'cafeteria', a little chapel, a wind generator for electricity, 2 heat pumps which use warmth from the sea and the rocks, and innovative water systems. Whilst everyone lives and shares meals together, many go out to work and there are plenty of opportunities to relax in privacy and/or meet to study and to have discussions. This allows for much stability within the community.
Crystal Waters ()A socially and environmentally responsible, economically viable rural subdivision north of Brisbane (Australia), Crystal Waters was established in 1987. It received the 1996 World Habitat Award (assessed by Dr Wally N'Dow) for its "pioneering work in demonstrating new ways of low impact, sustainable living".
Visa Ofuturo ()O Instituto Visão Futuro está localizado no Parque Ecológico Visão Futuro, uma propriedade de 85 hectares perto das pequenas cidades de Quadra e Porangaba, e duas horas de carro de São Paulo. Foi fundado em 1992 como um centro de educação ambiental para crianças, jovens e adultos. O projeto inicialmente foi financiado pelo SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) através da Globetree Foundation of Sweden, que ajudou a estabelecer a infra-estrutura ecológica. O projeto do Parque, com 16 moradores e 40 funcionários, é baseado nos 3 aspetos de uma ecovila: espiritual, ecológico e social.
()A rural village located 2 hours away from Bogota, with a permanent moderated-warm weather: 24 Celcius degrees. Organic growing. The community is esscencially retired people and some young who are trying to have a self-sustainable development.
Alcatraz ()Alcatraz is a hotel, and a restaurant. But Alcatraz is a utopia in progress also.

Since the universe did not totally satisfy us, we decided to improve the quality of spaghetti and to come and live here, where we formed an alliance with the centuries-old woods of this valley. We will defend the trees from woodcutters in order to see them turning green each spring.

Alcatraz is an association of people fond of good eating and good manners who are connected with ARCI.

You can find the quality of Alcatraz in the open spaces that stretch out as far as the eye can see, in the excellent food, in the courtesy and in the international level of the courses and the entertainment.

The association offers clean rooms, but we do not clean rooms daily.

At breakfast, lunch and supper you will find a phantasmagoric buffet.
Quindio Turistico ()Aquí tendrá un verdadero encuentro con la naturaleza y con las costumbres de nuestros abuelos campesinos que nos enseñaron a trabajar la tierra y a vivir de los que se produce… Venga y conozca una pequeña finca que tiene como objetivo enseñar a la personas a valorar el campo y así evitar el hacinamiento y la pobreza en las ciudades.
Cleveland EcoVillage ()Exciting, urban and historic, the Cleveland EcoVillage, centered around the W.65th-Lorain-EcoVillage Rapid Station, has become one of Cleveland's most diverse neighbourhoods and continues to blossom as a community. New residents are moving in, businesses are setting up shop, theatres are opening, and the number of vistors is growing.
Kohatu Toa Ecovillage ()Kohatu Toa Ecovillage is situated approximately one and a half hours drive from Auckland, just north of Kaiwaka off State Highway 1. It is nestled in a peaceful valley and includes 90 acres of common land with bush, spring-fed stream, waterfall and pasture. Kohatu Toa, the hill which gives the Ecovillage its name, overlooks the valley. Kohatu Toa means 'Meeting Place of the Brave' (place of consecration) for all young people and has important spiritual significance for the community.
Ecovillage Torri Superiore ()The medieval village of Torri Superiore (14th Century) is a jewel of popular architecture, built entirely in stone in the Ligurian hinterland near Ventimiglia (Imperia), a few km. from the Mediterranean sea and the French border. It is a single building containing 162 rooms on different levels, connected by narrow passageways and staircases that create a magical labyrinth of rooms and terraces.
Kibbutz Lotan ()Kibbutz Lotan is located in the far South of Israel, 55 kmorth of Eilat. "Members" of the cooperative fluctuate between 45-65, 4070 children. The community is multi-generational with students and volunteers from Israel and abroad coming for educational programmes. We are a cooperative settlement, jointly owning the land, community buildings and means of production. Joint economic initiatives include date orchards, dairy, photovoltaic electricity production, eco-tourism guest house and our Center for Creative Ecology. Members are responsible for their income and pay community taxes to maintain an extensive level of community services including wages of administrators, youth education and cultural life.
Ecotopia ()We came together in 1997-98 as members of a student environmentalist group. We were based in Timisoara, the most developed part of Romania, we were fortunate to see the 'modernisation' but also holes in its glamorous picture. We decided to set ourselves 'separately' from polution and over-consumption. After visiting ecovillages in Europe, we came home with a quite clear vision which was including LETS, solar panels and permaculture designs. When we arrived in Stanciova – a small village (300 houses) considered poor by any big financial institutions standards, we shifted the dream from technology to the needs of the larger community first. Our solar shower is a barrel painted black, our toilet is as primitive as anyone elses in the village but we are running the village kindergarten and we renovated the public building instead.
Vilaj Espwa ()Vilaj Espwa is a farming community/orphanage located in southern Haiti.  Sustainable living [respecting mother nature] is our goal as we prepare children for the future. Children are learning basic life skills using appropriate technology.
Camphill Community Clanabogan ()Camphill Community Clanabogan lies on 116 acres (52 hectares) of land in the beautiful rolling countryside of Co. Tyrone, 4 miles (6 km) from the town Omagh. It began in 1984 and now over 75 people live here in a variety of shared households. In this therapeutic life sharing community, adults who have learning disabilities live and work together with co-workers and their children.
Ecodoubs ()formerly association Epidaure
Grishino ()In the northwest of Russia, in the historical village of Grishino (300 km North East of St. Petersburg), at the confluence of two rivers for a number of years we are living and building an ecological village and a center for spiritual and educational programs.
Villaggio Verde ()Villaggio Verde is an ecovillage that was established during the 1980s and now serves as a laboratory for sustainable ways of living and a centre where harmony is sought with oneself, others, and nature. Due to the community having no prevailing political or religious beliefs, everyone is free to explore their preferences for themselves and able to openly participate in any group activities.
Tui Community ()The Tui Land Trust was formed in 1984 to create an intentional community village for holistic living. Most of the buildings are partially solar, with mains electricity. The main objective of the community is to create an environment supportive of families and personal growth; closeness to the land is therefore of great importance to us.
Terramada ()Es una ecoaldea ubicada en un area de montaña en Los Andes Venezolanos. Ya establecidos en el lugar desde noviembre 2005. Altitud: 1500 msnm. Con tierra para cultivo, manantiales de agua y una quebrada libre de contaminacion.
Otamatea ()The common motivating philosophy is Permaculture and an aim towards self-sufficiency. Consensus decision making rather than votes is used and every three months an all day "hear and clear meeting" is held. Organic gardens are being established and domestic water is collected via roof runoff. Composting toilets and greywater systems deal with waste. Non or low toxic building materials are used. An annual newsletter is published in May and Permaculture design courses are also held. Basic camping facilities are available for visitors.
Manzanita Village ()Manzanita Village is a cohousing community centrally located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. The community overlooks the city of Prescott, with views of Thumb Butte and Granite Mountain. The small town lifestyle is ideal for working from home, telecommuting, or retirement.
Anarres – Ca' Favale ()We never appreciated the ideas and concepts of ecovillages since 2002. Nonetheless, we continued to be present in the list of ecovillages thinking that it could lead to some confrontation. After many years, we came to the conclusion that ecovillages, as much as we know them, aim mainly to settle into "civil society" and are actively seeking no confrontation with the world surrounding them. Different from the perspective of fighting domination and exploitation and achieving mutual support, these places act as "access concentrators". Traffic goes in, but seldom comes out – if you understand the difference. As a matter of fact they represent the evolution of old society, in a greener civil society. But war, science, economics, (or, in just a word – power) are not questioned. When you visit an ecovillage you will generally pay per stay. In some of them you won't be able to even cook for yourself. In some others, you won't be able to simply put your tent. Paid services will be present for everything you can imagine. In some places you will have to pay just to hear some guru speak.
Las Cañadas Bosque de Niebla ()Las Cañadas Bosque de Niebla is a centre for agro-ecology and permaculture, situated in one of the last remaining islands of the Bosque de Niebla- the forest of mist-, in Mexico's central Veracruz region. Here, permaculture is used as a design tool with the aim of learning how to implement and share a sustainable way of living. We are continuously developing creative solutions to solve both social and environmental problems that persist in this era of accelerated climate change.
Heathcote Community ()The adults and children of Heathcote Community strive to live in a healthy, loving, and sustainable manner. We are located on 42 acres of wooded valley which is part of the School of Living community land trust. We believe that we have a responsibility to care for the land and each other, treating both with dignity and respect.
Billen Cliff ()Strata Title Community with 115 2 acres units, +700 acres commons. Community Buildings. No Dogs & Cats.
Tamera ()Tamera is a peace project in Southern Portugal, a cooperative of future workers, who aim to build a so called "Healing Biotope" for a couple of hundred people – a community between humans, animals and plants whose relationships are based upon trust and mutual support.
ZEGG ()ZEGG intentional community hosts about 100 people. We focus on the ecological and social aspects of living together in a future-orientated way. Sustainable development is only possible if it touches and embraces a variety of life areas. ZEGG especially promotes personal development and cultivates a way of heart- and mindful communication. As a community we stand for following our own truth in love, relationships and sexuality. ZEGG changed in its 30 years of existence and has been on the move from a rather homogenous pioneer community to the pluralistic and manifold resident group of today.
Sieben Linden Ecovillage ()Sieben Linden Ecovillage aims to establish a socially and environmentally progressive model settlement – both as a village and a community. The settlement is planned as a living and working space for 300 people of all age groups and social/cultural backgrounds. The ecovillage aims to enable its inhabitants to live through self-governance and as self-sufficiently as possible. We finance our lives individually but share some costs including food and utilities. Our own organisations provide some jobs but the majority of our members have to find paid work outside of the community.
Abundance Ecovillage ()Set outside the charming 'Iowa Great Places' town of Fairfield, Iowa, Abundance EcoVillage is adjacent to organic pasturage for horses and the SEED Center/EcoBarn.  Located on 16 acres, the Abundance EcoVillage features sustainable technology, and is one of the first developments of its kind in the United States. It serves as an off-grid community powered by wind and sun that harvests its own rainwater and treats its waste with a wastewater treatment wetland.
Lebensgarten Steyerberg ()The Lebensgarten Steyerberg e.V. is a community that strives to live in harmony together with others and with nature. Founded in 1986, the community has since grown to include 62 terrace houses, a seminar house (also known as the healing house) and the main building where the big hall is located. Most of those that come to live here are searching for communal living and are open to embracing care and tolerance. We all support one another in the development of our talents and abilities, as well as in everyday life. Just as important for us is our cooperation with nature and ecology. For this reason we now have approximately 100 gardeners who all help us to attain this. Everyone living in the community is financially responsible for themselves and aside from the active members, we also receive some support from patrons.
()Looking for a nem life style. We want to leave the actual system of life and re-invent the society. We want to live simple, in contact with nature, having time for family and to do than we love. We want to live the future luxes: time, air, green, space... We want to live!!
Los Angeles Ecovillage (Los Angeles, California)Los Angeles Ecovillage is a place name for our transit rich two block neighborhood three miles west of Downtown Los Angeles. Three nonprofit organizations are working toward reinventing how we live in the City. Our 45 member intentional community does this by demonstrating higher quality living patterns at much lower environmental impacts, engaging with one another, our neighbors and the City at large in a variety of hands-on and educational activities. We try to maximize the beneficial connections among the social, ecological and economic systems of the neighborhood. Our Urban Soil-Tierra Urbana limited equity housing cooperative along with our Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust ensure that our land and housing remain permanently affordable for very low to middle income households. These two organizations currently own 50 units of housing in three multi-family buildings. Our nonprofit developer, the Center for Urban Ecovillages – Los Angeles* (formerly CRSP) currently owns the commercial property, Songs, on our northern border, with plans for it to house an eco co-op hostel for group immersion experiences in urban sustainable living, along with several small green co-op oriented businesses..
Round the Bend Conservation Co-op Ltd ()Conservation was and is the prime objective, with housing and living designed to minimise impact on the land. Community work parties are held in order to manage the land. (weeding, species regeneration, facilities maintenance)Houses are principally mud brick and owner built, with small gardens because of the low rainfall (500mm). Open days are occasionally held through environmental groups. No facilities for tourism.
Awaawaroa Bay ()Awaawaroa Bay (Long Valley) is situated on the southern coastline of Waiheke Island. Waiheke Island is situated in the Hauraki Gulf and is a 35 minute fast ferry ride from downtown Auckland. The 169 hectare (42O acres) property consists of moderately steep hill country which has been farmed pastorally for many years. It includes a NW/SE valley comprising an extensive wetland and some fertile flats. The land is mainly in pasture with pockets of established and regenerating native bush. At its southern extent the property opens onto the sea at Awaawaroa Bay. The area has been identified as a Site of Ecological Significance by the Department of Conservation and the wetland is considered to be one of the better freshwater raupo wetlands on Waiheke. There is year round fresh water in the wetland and tributary seepages.
Santa Branca ()Santa Branca, a large ecological project includes jungle restoration, organic farming, cattle production, eco-tourism, and our recently formed ecovillage. Construction is underway with space for 336 families. The permaculture design include a food jungle surrounding the village with more than 70,000 fruit and nut trees planted. Santa Branca is located between Goiania and Brasila in Central Brazil. More than half of the land is restored jungle with many original animals, birds, and vegetation returned. For more information, visit our website: www.stabranca.com.br
Viento Solar ()¡Que la magia y la exuberancia de estas tierras inunden su alma como marea, disfrutando emocionantes experiencias en la tierra y en el mar!
Kakwa Ecovillage Cooperative ()Unforgettable vistas of the Rocky Mtns and Cariboo Mtns on the banks of the Fraser River give the organic farm a setting that confirms the ecotourism potential of the Ecovillage. Located a few kilometers from a boundary of the 11,000 hectare Ancient Cedar Forest Provincial Park adds to the specialness of place.
The Sasardi ecovillage ()The Sasardi ecovillage was the first initiative within the ecovillage movement to start in Colombia, it was as well one of the first private natural reserve in the country. The first members of this ecovillage moved in 1985 from the city into the Darién, within the Chocó biogeographical region, known as one of the areas with greatest biodiversity worldwide. The members were looking for new and different ways of life, trying to show it was possible to live a sustainable life in the middle of the tropical rainforest, preserving natural resources and increase the level of self-sufficiency livelihood based on conservation principles.
EarthArt Village ()EarthArt Village (EAV) is organized as a cooperative association for land and building ownership, membership structure, decision-making (consensus) and infrastructure development (power, water, waste management, shared facilities, etc.) EAV will include full and part-time residents, non-resident members, and guests, to achieve a healthy diversity of involvement, and a balance of the necessary skills and talents for cooperative activities.
Patch Adams ()Gesundheit, through our world-work, seeks to restore people, communities, systems, and planet to wholeness and health through laughter and loving care. Our activism promotes and models humane values of generosity, justice, and compassion.
Ankara Gunes Village ()Ankara Gunes Village has been established as a cooperative by 9 members on September 2000. Several of the members of our organization are either from Middle East Technical university, or graduates of the university.
FalconBlanco ()FalconBlanco (since 1975) Intentional – spiritual – international Community – Ecovillage, is also a charity and non profit organization. The center FalconBlanco, Ibiza, Spain serves not only as a retreat, health and seminar center but also gives the possibility to volunteers from all over the world to work together in a practical way for our charity goals. Our main intention is to provide information for all who need it and are asking for it. Our intention is to further awareness, growth and health by investigating about alternative and holistic ways and giving free information to anybody who looks for it. We are using mainly the Internet for this and offer at our Web site articles, answers to  questions, discussions, download ebooks, videos and tapes. This is done by permanent members and volunteers of 'FalconBlanco'. Members are persons who are living and working at the place FalconBlanco – or members who are supporting our intention in one or the other way and not necessarily living at our place. We also offer workshops, lectures or other public events with the same intention. There are individual treatments available at FalconBlanco like Yoga, Reiki, Shiatsu, EFT, initiation into meditation and more, depending on the members and their abilities living at FalconBlanco. All offered service is for free, never there is money involved. All volunteers are doing their work because they are motivated and engaged in our projects and never will receive or ask for money. With our intention we want to start a 'positive chain reaction'. Helping our fellow human beings and every thing which is part of our world and in need where ever this are showing up, without expecting any reward. Never money is involved or should be a motivation for our doing. Then we all can make the surprising experience that as more we give, as more comes back… And with this we are rising onto another level, beyond the narrow level of materialistic behavior and thinking.
Comunidad Los Horcones ()Los Horcones is a community comprised of people interested in preventing and trying to find solutions to social problems in our contemporary world. The lifestyle lived by those in the community is based on the principles of cooperation, equality, non-violence, solidarity and respect as well as appreciation of the environment.
Bagnaia ()The commune of Bagnaia was founded in 1979. Its aim is to share human and economic resources and to experience group living based on the principles of reciprocal respect and comprehension,collaboration, equality.
Village of Niederkaufungen ()Founded over 21 years ago, in December 1986, and situated in a complex of half-timbered farm buildings in the centre of the village of Niederkaufungen, just outside Kassel, we are Germany's largest non-religious, non-spiritual commune.
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