Primula Hirsuta ()We aspire to be a community dedicated to slowly and steadily becoming both more sustainable as well as more aware of what goes on in our mind, body and world at large. We want to be a part of the bigger community, land and biome, and strive towards a more satisfying and holistic way of life together with others.
Highgrove Farm & Commons ()Highgrove is an experiment of regeneration at the person, place, and community level. We use adaptive design and evidence based decision making to effectively speed learning and responsiveness; primarily to address pressing social and environmental concerns that effect us all.
Mehrgenerationenprojekt Am Sternberg LEBEN e.G ()Wir erforschen und leben neue Formen des menschlichen Miteinanders in allen Lebensbereichen. Dabei sind uns die folgenden Bereiche besonders wichtig:
  • ein achtsamer Umgang mit uns selber, anderen Menschen und unserer Mitwelt
  • Werte wie Freude, Ehrlichkeit, Echtheit, Zuverlässigkeit, Verbindlichkeit, Verantwortung, Freiheit
  • das bewusste Zusammenspiel der Weiblichen und Männlichen Pole
  • eine transparente, wohlwollende, wertschätzende Kommunikations– und Beziehungskultur
  • eine bewusste Konfliktlösung (Kreis-Forum, Gruppenprozesse)
  • sinnvolle Formen der Entscheidungsfindung (Konsens, Systemisches Konsensieren)
  • gemeinsame kooperative Projekte und Synergien innerhalb und außerhalb der Gemeinschaft, vor allem im Bereich Gesundheit,  Ökologie, Gemeinschaftsbildung, Kreativ-Sein
  • eingebunden sein in ein gesundes wohlwollendes Miteinander von der Geburt bis zum Sterben.
Sadhana Forest Kenya ()Sadhana Forest Kenya is working with the Samburu in their goal towards greater self-sufficiency. This includes decreased dependence on foreign food aid, restoration of the ecosystem, and a sustainable and diversified source of nutrition through indigenous food forestry.
Écovillage Sainte Camelle ()Nous attachons une importance particulière aux valeurs profondes comme la solidarité, la bienveillance, la non-violence, la responsabilité, le réfléchir ensemble … avec une mise en action au quotidien. Notre éco-village se situe en Ariège sur une surface de 10 Ha. Nous sommes environ une vingtaine de personnes à vivre cette super aventure.
Green Village Nepal ()As specialists of Youth Inclusion, Life Project 4 Youth decided to replicate its model and establish a Green Village solution in Nepal, located in the outskirts of Kathmandu:  An entrepreneurial  sustainable hub providing a platform boosting the professional inclusion of 240 Young Women per Year. It is also a community eco-village and catalyst oriented as the Youth host events and learning activities with the community in order to share professional decent world, digital inclusion and environment preservation.
Baltimore Free Farm ()The Baltimore Free Farm is an urban farm and cohousing collective in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood.
Komunidad Kolinda ()[MAP LOCATION NOT EXACT!]
Seed of Life ()For over a decade we worked to build a prototype Suburban Homestead Organic (GMO free) Food Forest in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (in the Mohave Desert) using Veganic Gardening and Permaculture Principles. We worked to grow plants traditionally found in the Holy Land and Garden of Eden (Pistachios, Figs, Dates, Pomegranates, Olives, Citrus, Jujubes, Carob, Mulberry and more). On Winter Solstice of 2012 (12-21-12) we launched our WholeWAY Home concept. We hosted kindred spirits from all over who wished to stay in a place that supported health and sobriety. You could call it a compound or commune or community, but we just called it our "home," where we rented rooms out to future friends. In addition, we traveled and taught about Essene Biogenic Living, Raw Food Vegetarianism, benefits of Raw Cacao, Fermentation, How to Kiss Addiction Goodbye, and Spiritual Evolution.
Sarvodaya ()500 acre farming community. Base for Sarvodaya Living & Learning Centre in SE Sri Lanka.
Breitenbush Community ()We are an intentional community and worker-owned cooperative that operates Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center, hosting 25,000 guests annually. Sixty miles east of Salem, Oregon, Breitenbush sits on 155 acres in ancient forests of the Cascades. Our community ranges from 50 – 90 adults and children. We are off the grid, using hydro and geothermal, and practice low-impact Earth stewardship.

The members of the worker-owned cooperative make major decisions about community and business affairs at annual meetings, and elect the board of directors from their midst to oversee operations. The business, financial and marketing directors all work as a team and report to the board. To be a worker-owner, a community member must be employed for one year, be an employee in good standing, and purchase a membership share of $500.

The community lives across the river from the retreat center in an ecovillage setting. We have regular community sharings, and three times a year we close for a four-day community renewal where we join together for training, fun, and community building.

We live a rich, full life here. We delight in an abundance of diverse people, innovative ideas, healing practices, friendships, and challenges.

From our credo: "Our primary service is to provide a healing retreat and conference center that promotes holistic health and spiritual growth. We mutually support and respect each person's dignity, and awaken to the Spirit within each of us that acknowledges we are all One… It is our hope that the thriving Community which we create will be an inspiration to others in their exploration of lifestyle and community. We also extend ourselves to the greater society in which we live, the world community, and commit ourselves to being socially, spiritually, politically, and environmentally responsible."
Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl ()Huehuecoyotl se encuentra en Tepoztlán, en el estado de Morelos, al sur de Ciudad de México. Es conocida como la "tribu de los coyotes", que existe desde hace casi cuatro décadas. Su nombre significa "coyote viejo".
Eltham Ecovillage – dulaiwurrong vi ()The three themes we have created for Dulaiwurrong Village are Respectfulness – we have consulted the Aboriginal Elders of the Wurrendjeri Tribe to basically find out "how we could honour them in our community".  This has been a truly amazing process and has given the project a depth and relevance for revitalising this area with reference to the wisdom of the native people.  We have also commissioned the creation of a land management plan to provide well thought out strategies to revitalise and take care of the neighbouring creekside reserve.
Svanholm ()Svanholm is an old estate situated near Skibby north of Roskilde on Zealand. It is home for 65 grownups and 35 children and a lot of guests from around the world. Some have lived here from 1978, but every year between 5 and 10 persons move out and others move in. We live in the buildings in the mansion and in houses in the villages around. We have ecological farming with grain, vegetables, fruit and 100 cows. There are also woodlands, a packing plant for fruit and vegetables, wood factory, eco-building and publishing company.

1/3 of the people work outside Svanholm in ordinary jobs. Svanholm has a shared economy. 80 % of the income from production and work ends up in the common money  box which covers all living expenses. We are trying to make a community where everybody is equal, regardless of sex, education and colour. There is no formal leadership and everybody has a real influence on ones everyday. There is a weekly meeting around the furnace in the mirror-hall. No voting but discussion until agreement (consensus principle).

At the moment we are building more living space for extra 20 adults + children.
Fundación Durika ()Open to visitors since 1995 and accessible by road since 1997, the Durika Biological Reserve (DBR) offers the true naturalist a unique opportunity to get to know this extraordinary area with little known biodiversity in this region of Costa Rica. Durika is a private reserve that protects approximately 8500 hectares localized in the top of the Talamanca Mountain Range, in the south west part of the country, about 17 kilometers North East of the town of Buenos Aires.
Finca El Zopilote ()Many years ago a father and his sons dreamt of starting a farm and space for visitors where sustainable and respectful living in nature could be fostered. After extensive travels, this dream became reality and has since grown into what has now become the Zopilote Permaculture Farm. The project has grown rapidly. More than 10,000 plants have been planted, huts and wetlands for purification created and paths, compost toilets, natural waste disposal systems and terracotta  ovens built.
Ford Nepal ()The village is situated at Chitwan district of Nepal and is in the distace of 200 kilometers from the Capital of the country, kathmandu.

This is a rural village in the central part of the mystical himalayan kingdom.

It has an area of 119 hactares land and homogeneous community with sound ecological back ground.
Aldinga Arts Ecovillage ()Aldinga Arts Ecovillage is a community that emerged from distinct inspirations: the arts, permaculture and environmental sustainability, and the desire to create more cohesive community. It has since become a true community for all and continues to represent our collective vision for an ecovillage, characterised above all for the care we show towards one another and the earth.
Delphin-Gemeinschaft ()We bought an Old School House in wonderful area of "Black Forest" with best water, air +many procets of friends near by.
East Wind Community ()We are a 70-member collective located on 1,045 acres of rural Ozark Hills in southern Missouri. We are a member of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, and as such, we put great value in cooperation, nonviolence, and sharing. We support ourselves through two industries: East Wind Nut Butters and Utopian Rope Sandals. Our membership is very diverse, we have no central leadership, and we practice democracy. Our work lives are busy and varied, but we always find time to relax and enjoy community meals, music jams, and Ozark sunsets. Our land is one of a kind, very rural, and filled with all sorts of wildlife. We encourage individuality and diversity in our members. We are looking for skilled, hardworking, responsible and self motivated individuals that share in our values. Prospective members are encouraged to contact membership; currently we are most in need of plumbing skills, electrical skills, and carpentry. Drop ins are not accepted, you must contact membership to visit.
Kookaburra Park ()The property was bought by a developer and designed as an eco-village by Max Lindegger.  There are 124 freehold lots.  55 lots have sold with 23 occupied.   Kookaburra Park is on mains power, two houses are connecting to solar.  Shared meals, Christmas party and sweat lodge are the main ways the community gets together. Thiry percent of food is grown on site, nearly all organic.  Own water supply.  Asian food catering, puppet shows, musicians, builders, B&B, yard maintenance, LETS system and government funding are skills within the community.
Hertha Levefællesskab/Hertha Living Community ()Hertha Levefællesskab/Hertha Intentional Community is situated near Aarhus in Jutland on a slope with a tremendous view. It was founded in 1996 and now consists of about 150 people including 27 developmentally disabled persons. The main topic in this village community is social ecology, i.e. how do we get a culturally and socially sustainable community running including a group of people with special needs.
Ecoearthwalk ()Earthwalk Eco Education Center offers sustainable living educational experiences. Our mission is to raise consciousness about sustainable solutions to our social and environmental issues. Through our workshops, seminars, courses and publications we share information and techniques for healthy and environmentally responsible living. Located about 60 minutes east of Toronto.  Earthwalk is designed to function as an eco demonstration and education center.  Our focus is exploring both new and established techniques and technologies for creating sustainable living environments. We have organic gardens, orchards, and vineyards and we are developing a project that combines aquaculture with a solar heated green house. We are also working on new technologies in the area of renewable energy and sustainable transportation.  Over the next few years we will be building demonstration structures using different eco friendly construction methods and materials. Our Workshops include renewable energy, green construction, healthy homes, organic food production, natural health and eco transportation.
Ethnomir ()The UNESCO general Declaration of cultural diversity: "Cultural richness of the world – is diversity, revealed in dialogue" was unanimously approved in 2001. The enactment of the Declaration once again proved to the states that intercultural dialogue is the best guarantee for peace, and it raised cultural diversity into the rank of the "common property of the mankind". The Declaration manifested the formation of an open, creative and democratic world, and it became the fundamental document of the new ethics, proposed by UNESCO in XXI century.

Thus, the Public Charity Fund "DIALOGUE OF CULTURES – UNITED WORLD" was created in Moscow as an ardent response to the enactment of the UNESCO general Declaration and to the new Ethics' formation of an open, creative and democratic world. The Fund sees its mission in assistance to integration of the traditional cultures through the development of their individual diversity in dialogue. (You can find more about the Fund on our website:

At present time the Fund works over the realization of the "International Ethnic Village" project.
My Eco Village ()We are promoting various schemes under the Eco-Village concept, namely Eco-Farm, Eco-Landscape, E-Business, Farmstay & Cottage Development.
The Farm ()In 1971, a caravan of 80 brightly painted school buses and assorted other vehicles carrying more than 320 hippie idealists landed on an abandoned farm in central Tennessee. They had a mission: to be a part of something bigger than themselves, to follow a peaceful and spiritual path, and to make a difference in the fate of world.
Ecovillage ()AiH aims to be an example of a holistic way of living with sustainability as a keyword in respect to both ecological, economical and social aspects of life. This approach is visible in many ways in our daily life.
Port Townsend EcoVillage ()Port Townsend EcoVillage is a community of people dedicated to living in harmony with each other and with the earth, exploring together ways to live more sustainably and joyfully.
Ecovilla Gaia (Navarro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)Estamos sembrando las bases para un asentamiento humano sustentable. Nos proponemos vivir simplemente, en contacto con la naturaleza, organizados en forma de una pequeña villa ecológica, con principios ecológicos, comunitarios y sociales.

Elegimos los principios de Permacultura como base del diseño general del lugar para hacer un buen uso de la tierra y de los flujos de energía, buen diseño de las construcciones naturales, y lograr una organización social y económica comunitaria.

Honramos las pequeñas y grandes manifestaciones de la vida, tanto en los ecosistemas, en las relaciones y en los procesos personales. Sabemos que todo está interconectado y que el grado de conciencia y respeto que nosotros tengamos con nuestro hábitat y todas nuestras relaciones, determinará el tipo de vida que tengamos. Intentamos lograr un equilibrio entre espacios de privacidad y la vida comunitaria, donde podamos dar espacio a nuestro desarrollo personal, tanto como a las necesidades de interacción con otros, generando relaciones de mutuo apoyo y colaboración.

Postulamos presentar la nueva tecnología del presente y del futuro para que la sociedad no siga alterando al planeta. Lo que en los años atrás se consideró como un idealismo utópico es ahora una emergencia social y ambiental. El proyecto aspira a ser un prototipo práctico donde aquellos interesados en una sociedad sustentable puedan entrenarse e inspirarse para concretar otras iniciativas comunitarias en el país y diversos puntos del planeta.

Te esperamos para vivir una vida en armonía con la naturaleza y con tus vecinos, en un ambiente acogedor que se destaca por su agradable energía.
Braziers Park ()Braziers Park is a community, a residential college and an architectural treasure hidden deep in the south Oxfordshire countryside in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was founded in 1950 as an educational trust, and is a continuing experiment in the advantages and problems of living in a group. Community members share responsibility for running the mansion house (a Grade II* listed building), 55 acres of land, organic kitchen garden and livestock, facilitating courses and organising events assisted by visiting volunteers from around the world.
Alpha Farm Community ()Alpha Farm is an intentional community of people who have chosen to live and work together to share a more harmonious way of living. At our home in rural western Oregon, we live the largely self-reliant style of a close-knit expanded family; we average 5 to 20 people, including singles, couples and families, and have ranged in age from infants to elderly.
Gyurufu ()Gyûrûfû Foundation is an independent environmental organisation which focused its activity on the local watershed situated in the southern hills of Zselic, a hillside range in Hungary.
Windsong ()The Windsong co-housing community is an innovative neighbourhood aiming to create a space for interaction, cooperation and friendship. It is a multigenerational community where neighbours are encouraged to trust and care for each other. This is done by respecting everyone's uniqueness, by taking responsibility for the environment we all share, and by celebrating the richness of diversity.
Findhorn Foundation Community and Ecovillage (Findhorn, Scotland, United Kingdom)The ecovillage at Findhorn is a tangible demonstration of the links between the spiritual, social, and economic aspects of life and is a synthesis of current thinking on ecological human habitats. It is a constantly evolving model providing solutions to human and social needs while at the same time working in partnership with the environment to offer an enhanced quality of life for all.
Ufa Fabrik ()From 1921 to the mid-70s the celluloid dreams produced on the grounds of the south Berlin UFA film lab were banned. After that, the establishment was broke, and the historic building was slated to be demolished. It was then that a group of young enthusiasts saw an opportunity to implement their ideas for a community-oriented, and environmentally-friendly way of life. They took over the 18,500 square metre tract in June 1979 to put it peacefully "back in action". This was the beginning the of self-governing work/life project known today as the "International Culture Centre ufaFabrik Berlin.
Lost Valley Educational Center ()We are an intentional community and nonprofit educational center located on eighty-seven acres in the foothills of the Cascades. Full-time residents currently number approx. 50 adult members (ages 25-65) and 5 children (ages 2-12). We are committed to stewarding this land and developing a sustainable culture, recognizing and honoring the spiritual, aesthetic, and emotional as well as practical dimensions of sustainability. We offer educational programs in Permaculture and personal growth, as well as community internships in many of our program areas. We host conferences, retreats, and workshops presented by organizations that share our vision.
Vlierhof ()You've entered international waters – Vlierhof is an intentional international community founded in 2002 by four members of the NL chapter of the GEN located in Keeken Germany.
Cesnet ()Experiencing the Ces community ?
Christiania ()Christiania is a self-governed community in Copenhagen, Denmark, where every individual is free to express themselves whilst also bearing a certain responsibility to ensure sufficient uptake. As a community, Christiania tries to show that as a society we must take away some of the energy invested in economics and learn to release some of the mental and physcial stress that often dominates.
Brithdir Mawr ()Brithdir Mawr is a farm of 165 acres in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK, that houses an intentional community of 20 people working towards sustainability, simplicity and spirit, and wishing to share their aim with others.  The adults work for the community for an average of three days per week and pursue private interests or livelihoods the rest of the time. We take care of the land, recycle and conserve resources, garden and farm organically and are off the grid for electricity and water.
Schloss Glarisegg ()Our vision is to be "a place for meetings and awarness"

The community has grown up to 34 adults and 16 children and we still want to grow.

The owner of the castle are the share-holders in a joint-stock company, the seminar-center is lead by a Ltd. The community is organized in an association.

Every morning we meet with all guests and guest-workers at ten o clock for the morning circle to sing a song, be in silence, hear a quote of the day and welcome the new guests, adopt the going guests and hear the announcements for the day.

We meet every tuesday evening for the community building process by Scott Peck. Once in the month we meet for the substantive decisions. The community has a board and a proup taking care of the social themes in the community.
Mournegrange ()
Huardal Ecovillage ()We live in Hurdalecovillage – 80km north of Oslo, and own a property that will have room for 45-50 houses, growing all sorts of vegetable and herbs, having animals, courses etc. More info in Norwegian:
Awish ()Kaditah is an unrecognized, loosely organized village located in the Galilee of northern Israel. The residents are currently negotiating with the government concerning planned development of the village. Residents are all committed to living on the land and are involved with various ecological lifestyle practices.  but there is little co-ordination. The Kaditah ecology center was founded to offer workshops, information and demonstration projects both to residents and to visitors and volunteers. The center is currently working on issues such as water conservation (greywater and rainwater collection), passive solar (ovens and greenhouse), organic gardening and fruit trees, tofu production, handcrafts and more. The organizers of the center are committed to working to improve Jewish-Arab relations in this troubled region through co-operative work on ecological projects. Other Kaditah residents are involved with issues such as alternative energy production (solar and wind), small livestock, alternative building, and more. The community is diverse and a wide range of political, social and religious beliefs are represented.
Damanhur ()Founded in 1975, the Federation of Damanhur is an eco-society: a federation of communities and eco-villages with their own social and political structure in continual evolution.
Eco Kovcheg ()The idea behind the creation of "The Kovcheg" was born of present day civilization. We live in a society that is stupidly wasting our natural resources through the senseless destruction of the environment. For future generations it is necessary to change the direction of our growth and progress to something that is ecologically sound. Our settlement is based on family owned land where each family owns one hectare of land to be kept in the family for generations. One hectare with woods, fruit trees, garden and a small pond can provide the family with all of life's necessities.
The Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-operative ()The Glen Valley Organic Farm Co-operative (GVOFC) is a community of individuals who have come together with the goal of sharing, owning and operating Glen Valley Organic Farm. The Co-operative's members come from a variety of backgrounds, including conventional and organic farming, education, law, project management, marketing and group facilitation. The Co-operative uses a consensus model of decision-making, ensuring that all members have a voice.
Agrovilla El Prado ()La Agrovilla El Prado esta conformada por 14 personas que habitan 5 viviendas, en un terreno localizado en la zona rural de Santa Rosa de Cabal, con una fuerte influencia poblacional y funcional de la ciudad de Pereira.
Büyükkonuk ()Formerly called Komi Kebir, the village of Büyükkonuk nestles on the foothills of the Five Finger Mountain Range at the start of the narrow panhandle of Cyprus called Karpaz. This geographic location results in a pleasant combination of both hilly terrain and fertile flat lands, with close proximity to both seashores, to the north and the south.

Traditional crops in this agricultural village include carob, olive, wheat, barley and some vegetable farming in watered fields. Dairy cows, sheep and goats are kept. Forested hills border the village, filling the air with scented pine and wild herbs. Many species of trees, including Cypress, juniper and almond, as well as ancient olive groves, dot the landscape. Orchids and other wildflowers abound in season. Plenty of field tracks and the absence of fences make walking and cycling sports attractive.

The ancient village of Buyukkonuk has been selected as a pilot village in the Karpaz for the development of ecotourism. Further accommodation is being planned and a new restaurant and tourist information centre have been opened in 2006.
Redfield Community ()Redfield is an Intentional Community situated in North Buckinghamshire, England. The house is a large old mansion with 17 acres of gardens, woodland and pasture surrounded by farmland. Our legal structure is that of a Fully Mutual Housing Co-operative, where members are effectively both Landlord and Tenant. The legal structure merely forms the bare bones of a culture of collective living that has developed since 1978.We live as a single household which means that we spend a lot of time together. The rewards that flow from this way of life are many, varied and sometimes unexpected. Sharing your life in this way, with a group of like-minded people, makes for an active and involved life where something is always happening.
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