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Eating fresh vegetables is important for health and happiness. The spinach and broccoli you bought last week have lost part of their nutrients, and will quickly go from delicious to boring to unpleasant, as their flavor dulls then decays.


  • If you can only shop for vegetables once every week or two, use this as a rough guide:
    • Eat the more perishable vegetables in the first day or two: e.g. green leafy vegetables, broccoli, any tomatoes or avocados that are fully ripe.
    • Next, there are some vegetables last a bit longer, but are still best eaten soon - e.g. zucchinis (courgettes), and bell peppers (capsicum)
    • Later on, you can still cook delicious food with your other vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potatoes,
  • Grow your own! This is the freshest and most delicious option of all. Choose modest, easy-to-follow plans that you know you can follow through on - a lazy garden, a balcony garden or a driveway garden. Try three sisters agriculture, an easy way to grow corn, beans, and squash (or other gourd).

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