Earthen Hand Natural Building was founded in 2002 with the goals to create amazing earthen structures and empower people by training them in natural building practices. We offer educational courses in earthen architecture as well as services in sustainable building design, consultation, and construction. Because of our work, and many others doing similar work, more and more people are grasping the incredible importance of resource-conscious construction practices.

We provide local and international natural building workshops in Oregon, Thailand, Mali and Puerto Rico. Each day of a workshop includes hands-on training, discussion, and lecture. Hundreds of people have learned how to build more ecologically at one of our workshops. Our students are of all ages, and everyone learns a lot. Kids love playing with mud. Adults see the socio-political empowerment and utility of our techniques. Our international workshops assist indigenous communities by creating a useful structure. Participants of these workshops get a wonderful visit to a new country that allows them to interact with and give something significant to local peoples.

Clients can commission anything from sculptural architecture, to earthen paints or plasters, to earth ovens or artworks. People who commission works from us understand that they are contributing to a larger ecological movement. Many clients choose to participate and learn in the building process. Every earthen building completed contributes to the greater body of knowledge about these techniques. Natural Building gains presence every time someone completes a stunning example. We encourage experimentation because it brings even more effective designs. It is our goal to create solid, artful structures that will inspire people to want to learn about them.

In recent years, earthen building has become increasingly well-known and commonplace in Portland, Oregon. Earthen Hand Natural Building is proud to be on the forefront of this movement. Many others work tirelessly along side us toward the same goals. A great example of Portland's community in action is the Village Building Convergence event, where we teach free Natural Building workshops to the public each year in May.

Earthen Hand has a revolving workshop series. Be sure to check it out.

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