Earning to give is the deliberate pursuit of a high-earning career in order to donate a significant proportion of your earned income to charitable causes.[1] Individuals that practice earning to give typically donate a fixed percentage, ranging anywhere from 20% to over 50%, of their earned incomes. An individual who is not able to take a high-earning job, but lives frugally and/or adopts a minimalist lifestyle and contributes a significant percentage of their income may also be considered to be earning to give.

The practice of earning to give has been advocated and popularized by the Effective Altruism community. The organization Giving What We Can has increased awareness of earning to give with the Giving What We Can pledge, which encourages individuals to donate 10% or more of their earned income over their lifetimes.

The organization 80000 Hours provides resources to help individuals pursue impactful careers and high-earning jobs in order to earn to give. According to an analysis from 80000 Hours, the highest earning jobs are in finance, management, medicine, law, real estate and technology.[2]

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