Dusty solar transit van

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Dusty Solar Transit Van
Keywords Solar
Authors Megan Moore
Made? No
Replicated? Was this project made independently by someone other than the authors and without their guidance? No
Published 2020-11-04
Documentation data
Language English
Manifest data
Language English
Updated 2020-11-04
Author Megan Moore
Author affiliation Appropedia
Author email info@appropedia.org

Background[edit | edit source]

How the project came to be needed

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Introduce people/scenario

Objectives[edit | edit source]

What should the project accomplish

Constraints & Criteria[edit | edit source]


Materials[edit | edit source]

Table with headers: Material description, price/unit, # of units, total price

Steps/Building Process[edit | edit source]

step by step in a table with pictures

Final Design Description[edit | edit source]


Maintenance Requirements[edit | edit source]

If any. List or table

Updates[edit | edit source]

Table with headers: Year or update, Update, reason for update, before picture, after picture