Hi, Apropedians =)

Dreamfish is a global work cooperative for independents and entrepreneurs. We are a diverse member-operated work community, where everyone, everwhere can create sustainable work. Members hire and get hired, collaborate and manage projects, and learn and exchange in local groups. Our economy is blended, with members working for cash or non-monetary value.

We who came to Dreamfish came because we wanted a sustainable way to work. Where everyone is welcome. We wanted a place to make a living and as we make a life. We wanted the tools, experience and the community support to thrive. We wanted to be free and grow outside of the typical work-a-day world. We wanted to use our experience to realize our dreams. We wanted to grow in an open environment that fosters creativity, and collaboration. We have come to dreamfish.

You are welcome to join us and get involved on our wiki .

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