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Creating my reflection paper- empowerment technology

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My reflection on empowerment technology is an interesting subject that studies technology. Studying technology is important because through this ICT we will know that technology is very important. Why is it that there are important? First, it helps me especially other people to be wise and aware of using the internet. Second, be responsible for posting some images or other confidential things that people can saw it. Lastly, it is useful in our daily lives. Empowerment of technology helps the students to be aware in terms of internet threats, online safety and security, imaging and design for the online environment, how to use Edmodo and etc. that students can develop his or her knowledge and gain more ideas about ICT. E-Tech is a very powerful tool that we used in our life. E-Tech is helpful if you need help on specific topics for a subject. My journey in E-tech is like a roller coaster. Even though there are many ups and downs but still I overcome the challenges and hardships in this subject. It brought me a lot of learning and perceptions. This subject introduced me to new topics that I think are useful for my future. This could prepare me for my college which be much needed for, my college years. All the things that I learned are never to be forgotten and will always remain in my mind and heart.