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Construction and materials[edit | edit source]

Selected topics[edit | edit source]

General topics
Bathroom Toilet Unit
Building compost guide
Building with Pumice
Clay Brick and Tile Moulding Equipment
Concrete Block Producing Equipment
Construction techniques
Cooling Homes in the Hot, Humid Tropics
Cordwood construction
Ferrocement Applications in Developing Countries
Harvesting sheet metal
Humanure or reutilizing your own body wastes
Monolithic Domes
Other manures
Pallet home
Quake Safe
Rice Hulls in Construction
Small Scale Production of Lime for Building
Structural Insulated Panels
Systems construction
Tetrapak roofing
Weld wood
Bloomfield Cobb Bench
Blue ox earthen oven
Bottoms Strawbale Earthen Plaster
CCAT's living roof
CCAT Natural Paint Project
CCAT's Vermicomposting Bin
DIF Adobe Senior Center
Garden house cob oven
Kiva’s straw bale greenhouse
Recycling agricultural wastes to produce hot water (original)
Sunny Brae Yurt
Sustainably built cottage (original)
Tire shingles