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Conductive Filament for use as Heating Element for a Heated Bed

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Current Understanding of products[edit]

Heated Bed for RepRaps

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Goals for Tuesday[edit]

  • Adam
  1. Look at properties of Conductive filaments(PLA)
  2. Set up page
  3. Email Pearce
  • Spencer
  1. look at OpenSCAD design for a variable heating element design.
  2. Consider different types of conductive PLA.
  3. verify material properties with Adam.
  • Wayne + Brad
  1. Look at thermistors for temperature calibration.
  2. Look at power supplies (talk to people on the 7th floor)
  • Holden + Rachel
  1. Look at current Heated Bed designs
  2. Rachel focus on necessary material properties for glass and insulating board.


Filament Materiel Concept Ordering Filament Material

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