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Communication from beginning

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Communication means to share or to exchange information through different ways, with another person. Since beginning of manhood communication exist. During the Stone Age it started that humans gives sounds. With this sound they tried to warn for example during hunting if there was for a danger. When they had conflicts between each other they make noises to scare the other person. Another method was the body language. With hands or feats movement they could exchange information. With emotions human informed other about their wellness for example if the laugh they showed that they were happy and if they cried they give the information that they were sad or something is wrong. In the course of time the humans learned to draw symbols and give through that information. They marked their houses/caves so other peoples would know that someone is living their After a long time human learned to call an object with a sound. So communicate developed during time more more. But still today we have the same ways to communicate like in the past. Out of tones and noises language have been arised. Today we have more than three thousand different languages. But we still use signs to give information for example in the traffic. The body languages exist too and make communication for voiceless and deaf people possible. Through technology we have created a new way of communication. All started with morse codes, telephone etc…. And now we have reached a new era in communication through the internet. It is possible to talk to some who is thousand of kilometers far of you. Although there are big distances you can chose to see a person in a virtual way to talk with him or just write with him