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The Coalition of the Willing is a broad movement that began with an animated short about open source culture and the role it could play against global warming.

Coalition of the Willing, the film, was directed by Simon Robson and created by twenty animation teams from three continents. This initial coalition numbered 77 people. The film offers a vision of a global coalition of the willing to combat climate change. It proposes a network of interoperative sites, each with a different climate action function. Using the network, participants are able to form cross-functional teams, collaborating in the spirit of open source to create innovate solutions to climate and social justice problems.

The Coalition is now the collaborative effort that is bringing that network into being.

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(See also the long comment thread on Vimeo.)

Vision[edit | edit source]

The core of the vision involves three types of website:

Projects[edit | edit source]

Facilitates sites to collaborate and work on interoperability.

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