Cleaning your home without chemicals improves the health of ourselves and our pets who live in our home.

Many common cleaning practices such as mopping your floors or disinfecting surfaces in your home can be done without the use of chemicals and would not only benefit you, but will benefit those who touch those surfaces daily.

It may come as a surprise but has been known for decades by scientist and the food industry that you can "disinfect surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, unglazed ceramic tile, and vitreous china, by washing them in acidic electrolyzed water" Electrolyzed Water Sanitizer more commonly called acidic ionized water.

As this and other research has indicated, acidic ionized water has a strong antibacterial effect, and can be used along with natural organic soaps for mopping your floors and other cleaning task as a green cleaning solution. In fact when it comes to cleaning your kitchen water, like dishes and cutting boards scientist have found "soaking of kitchen cutting boards in electrolyzed oxidizing water could be used as an effective method for inactivating food borne pathogens on smooth, plastic cutting boards" Pubmed

The food industry actually already uses acidic ionized water to clean milk processing equipment because it is cheaper than chemical cleaners and also does not add any toxicity into the system. In the produce packaging industry electrolyzed reduced water has been used to disinfect produce naturally for decades.

In the home the acidic ionized water can be applied to wash fruits and vegetables as well as for green cleaning purposes. This water is a natural way to clean your home and keeps chemical both out of your home and out of the environment.

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