This page is a mutual brainstorming page about what's the best way to travel and see the world at the lowest possible cost.

Ways to travel and see the world[edit | edit source]

A lot of independent travelers travel the world by the backpacking method. Although this may be ? cheapest, it does not allow you to travel totally on your own and still locks you tied up to someone else which will transport you (eg airplane, subway, train, ...). Having your own method of transport (eg boat) may offer more advantages here (but might not be as cheap).

By airplane[edit | edit source]

Several low cost airlines allow people to get at destination at the lowest possible cost of all modes of transport. At This wikitravel article you can find the low-cost airlines operating in each continent/area.

By train[edit | edit source]

Thomas cook has a useful book on the destinations done by trains: Overseas timetable: railway, road and shipping services outside Europe

By (sail)boat[edit | edit source]

Cruising is another way to see the world. Sailing along on other people's sailboats or getting your own is another possibility. Cutters, as well as confiscated boats by the navy and fishing boats may be the cheapest ships to obtain [1][2] (can be fitted afterwards with sails) or building one yourself may be an other option.

Finding cheap hostels[edit | edit source]

Cheap hostels can be found at Hostel International

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Survival wallet may be very handy in making long voyages and a UMPC might also be handy. Further info may be obtained from Doug Lansky's Travel survival book

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