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Service Learning Journals with a Sustainability Focus[edit | edit source]

The International Journal for Service Learning[edit | edit source]

I am the manuscript editor for the ISLE. The International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal offered free, semi-annually, over the World Wide Web. The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on original work of students and researchers with a specific focus or implication for service learning in engineering, engineering entrepreneurship in service, or related service learning pedagogy.

With an increasing number of individuals and institutions of higher education becoming involved in service learning and entrepreneurship in service learning, the IJSLE is an invaluable resources for students, faculty, practicing engineers and local communities. With articles relating to the latest design and research pertinent to local communities, the faculty-reviewed articles in each issue provide the reader with timely information related to:

   * Engineering Design Projects as Service
   * Engineering Research Projects as Service
   * Engineering-Related Entrepreneurial Projects as Service
   * Pedagogy in Engineering-Related Service Learning

If you are contributing to Appropedia - you should seriously consider submitting a manuscript once your project has come together

Journal for Sustainable Engineering[edit | edit source]

Other Service Learning Journals[edit | edit source]

Peer reviewed service learning journals.

Academic Exchange Quarterly (AEQ)[edit | edit source]

  • AEQ is an independent, peer-reviewed print and electronic journal that publishes 55 - 65 original refereed articles per issue, submitted by international authors representing multiple academic areas.

Community Works Journal (CWJ)[edit | edit source]

  • CWJ is published online (free) and in print three times a year in support of teaching practices that build community. It showcases innovative educational strategies, practices, and curriculum that involve teachers and students in meaningful work within their communities.

Florida Journal of Service-Learning in Teacher Education (FASITE)[edit | edit source]

  • FASITE is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring the many aspects of service-learning programs and pedagogy in use in pre-K, elementary, secondary, alternative education, vocational education, and teacher education programs throughout Florida as well as across the country.

The Generator: Journal of Service-Learning and Service Leadership[edit | edit source]

  • The Generator is a National Youth Leadership Association publication for practitioners from all service-learning sectors. Issues focus on a specific theme, and include articles from the field, program examples, research, resources and news. Published quarterly.

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement[edit | edit source]

  • Published three times per year, JHEOE is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes submissions from a broad range of scholars, practitioners, and professionals. Tables of contents and abstracts of the articles are available online.

Journal for Civic Commitment[edit | edit source]

The Journal for Civic Commitment is a twice-yearly, online journal dedicated to service-learning and civic engagement.

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL)[edit | edit source]

  • MJCSL A peer-reviewed journal consisting of articles written by faculty and service-learning educators on research, theory, pedagogy, and issues pertinent to the service-learning community.

Reflections on Community-Based Writing Instruction[edit | edit source]

  • Reflections, a peer reviewed journal, provides a forum for scholarship on writing, service-learning, and community literacy.

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