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Making made easier

Practical tricks, handy aids and small tools that help to make things in a faster, and generally more efficient way. Many of the Demotech designs make good use of such tools or working methods.

Harvesting sheet metal

Description of how sheet metal can be recuperated from a an oil barrel. How to cut, how to flatten and how to fold.

Harvesting Steel Wire

Description of how steel wire can be recuperated from the millions of car tires that litter this planet. How to cut and clean the wire for new use and get rubber out of it at the same time, also useful for many purposes.

Sieve for gravel

Sift gravel for best quality concrete with a sieve with a mesh size of 10 to 25 mm's. Its frame can be locally made to the most appropriate size for the function at hand.


Join thin metal sheet to wood, ply board to wood, leader to wood with staples made from wire out of car tires. Drive the staples in with a locally made tool.


A seat for weaving women, that is functional for weaving with a back strap, that offers the right ergonomic position, prevents knee and back strain and is to be made at no cost from bits of fuel wood and scrap sheet metals as DIY or by a local craftsperson

Welder for Plastic

Dried agricultural produce will not spoil when properly sealed in plastic sheet. For bags and other use, plastic sheet can be welded without electricity.


Make connection between wooden parts strong, quick and easy. More complex wooden constructions become within reach of people with little resources.

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