Here are some potential projects for Waterpod. More possibilities exist.

Potential projects[edit | edit source]

Human powered water pumping for pumping of water around
Limitations: Could be fresh or brackish water.
Get river water (e.g. Pneumatic Ram Pump) to the barge.
Limitations: The Barge is 12’ from the water. The water is brackish.
Rain Water Purification to purify the captured water (2 teams).
Limitations: NY Watershed common pollutants, gravity fed systems
    • The Pod People
  • FBD
Bike Electrical Power for powering extra loads, such as the stage (2 teams).
Limitations: We would want to make a system that we could hook up to bicycles already here.
    • Team Jack
    • Team Lorax
Picohydro for extracting energy from the river.
Limitations: The barge surface is 12’ from the water, it will be docked in different locations, and we may need to be able to move the picohydro to where the best water motion is in relation to the different parts of the barge. There is very little head available.
  • PIE Through Design
Composting toilets for processing the waste of the occupants.
Limitations: Must be able to take waste from six people on average per day. Humanure compost usually takes more than 6 months to process.
    • Green Turds
Rocket stove for cooking efficiently.
Limitations: What will the fuel source be.
    • Team Mel Brooks
Solar cooking (more than a solar box, e.g. parabolic system) for supplemental cooking needs.
Limitations: Solar access.
    • MSB
Groundless food systems
    • Prestige Worldwide
Simple hydroponic system for growing some of the food needed by the occupants.
Limitations: No power, we would like to use recycled materials, can we work this with solar/heat?
    • Green Apple
    • Team x86

  • see [1] for updated information on the Waterpod Living Systems progress


Wpod 2.jpg

Carissa's notes: Water Specs for the Waterpod: 180 gallons /month drinking water 180 gallons for bathing/dishes(this did not include laundry or any extra personal water.) 880 gallons per month garden (this did not include the greenhouse watering or any additional plants in other areas of the barge)

While going back to write down how I came up with these figures, this is what unfolded: take a look..figures changed just slightly..and really with these systems, innovative water saving systems and routines will have to be key.

180 gallons per month cleanest water 1 gallons per day for drinking water x 6 = 42 gallons per week drinking water x 4 weeks=166 gallons per month

200 gallons per month of rainwater for bathing and greywater for doing dishes 3 gallon showers twice a week x 6 = 36 gallons baths per week x 4 weeks =144 gallons per month (think of 1 gallon rinse, 1/2 gallon soapy shampoo 1/2 gallon rinse for conditioner a nd 1 gallon rinse) too primitive

2 gallons per day dish washing/rinsing x 7 days = 14 per week x 4 weeks = 56 gallons per month (think of 1 gallon bucket for dirty rinsing and one gallon bucket of clean rinsing..emptied every day into the compost) (this plan includes whiping the plate clean with cumbers to decrease using sponges and extra water) hah..i am actually not joking

Garden watering 5 gallon buckets for garden irrigation filled twice per week x 22 mounds of planting area = 110 gallons x 2 waterings /week = 220 gallons per week x 4 =880 gallons per month for irrigations

Water not accounted for:

Laundry (clothes can be chosen that require more or less water when washing...) or laundry done once a week together (think 2 5 gallons buckets with soapy water) 2 5 gallon buckets for rinsing and 2 5 gallons buckets for final rinse) 6 bucket laundry fridays? 5 gallons/bucket = 30 gallons per week x 4 = 120 gallons rainwater?

extra plant irrigation greenhouse 3 gallons per day x 7 =21 x 4 = 64 gallons/month cooking water (sprouts, tea, soups....) 2 gallons per week x 4 = 8 gallons/mo cooking water

I guess the idea of making these specs now is to determine how large all water structures and purification systems are now.

I am waiting for larger/more accurate water specs for the garden...but this was just an initial stab.

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