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Introduction to sustanable development with a clever economy simulator[edit]

Pre requisite :

  • basic knowledge of economy
  • a computer

Aim :

  • better understanding of economy intricated mecanism and consequences.

Computer simulation of a small economy can quickly help to understand many things, at least illustrate the consequences of our choices. The proposed simulator gave nice insight on how an economy work (local market, transport, agriculture, mining, education, technology, pollution) and give "sustanability indicators".

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincity http://lincity-ng.berlios.de/

This (very clever) game has 2 way to win:

  • reach sustanable development
  • build rockets to evacuate the population to another planet (this tend to ruin your world to achieve this ;-)

It could be usefull for students (bachelor level or higher) and train them to many things:

  • use computer ;-)
  • uses statistical informations and graphs for undestanding a situation.
  • better understand the relationship between economic factors (an industry without market to sell to will bankrupt...)
  • see the environmental consequences (pollution kills)
  • see that mining resources are finite, and that your economy will collapse if you have not forseen this and anticipate by adapting you economy...

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