Articles in this category have been ported from original content, and have been identified by the "porting owner" (by inclusion of Template:Checkoriginal) as being ready for checking and protection by an admin. If ported content does not appear correct in some way, check the instructions at Help:How to port pages to see if additional guidance on that help page might correct the problem in the future.

The process of checking and protection should include:

  1. Verify the page is in the Original namespace. Move the page if necessary.
  2. Take a quick look at the indicated (attributed) original document to verify that it is indeed the correct original
  3. Briefly check the format / layout over various browser widths, etc
  4. Check categorization and attribution of the article
  5. Replace the Template:Checkoriginal with Template:Originalported
  6. Add {{Linking originals}} near the end of the article
  7. Add other templates and categorization as appropriate.
  8. Protect the article so that only admins may edit it