This page is a database of international volunteer opprotunities that are awaiting individuals and groups to assist with them.

Project Selection[edit | edit source]

We have compiled a list of questions that can serve to guide your selection of a project - having these questions answered before engaging in a project can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

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Available Projects[edit | edit source]

If you find that any of these projects are no longer available, please do us a favor by deleting it.

Grass-Roots projects[edit | edit source]

These are links directly to individuals or very small organizations. There is no pay and you have to manage your own logistics

  • Belize Open Source Engages in open source methods to promote environmental and social sustainability on their 40 acre Belize property near August Pine Ridge (Added 4-21-8)

Volunteer Tourism[edit | edit source]

These are larger organizations that will organize the logistics of the project for you and charge a nominal fee.

  • Curamericas Arranges work trips of 8-20 people for 10-14 days to Bolivia for $750-$950 per person.
  • El Porvenir Two week projects to Nicaragua where groups of 10 to 15 people complete work projects on water, sanitation, or reforestation projects. (Added 4-22-8)
  • Seeds Of Learning - nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities in rural Latin America

Job Opportunities[edit | edit source]

These are NGOs who are looking for employees and will at least pay for your trip

  • AIDG has an internship program through which they place volunteers at their various projects.
  • The Borneo Project Is currently looking for someone with a Civil Engineering background. (Added 4-21-8)
  • Ecosystems Nepal Is looking for 2 Mechanical Engineers or aspiring students to help them in the construction of their wire bridges (Added 4-21-8)
  • Worldbike Is looking for a project manager to work at their bike fabrication facilities in Kenya. (Added 4-22-8)

Similar Databases[edit | edit source]

  • EWB international has a list of opportunities including fellowships, internships, jobs and training

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