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CatchFood (stylized as catchfood) is an online and mobile prepared food ordering that connects diners with local takeout restaurants. The site was founded in 2015 by Adam Na - founder and CEO of CatchFood in the United States of America Minnesota-based. The service was activated in 2016 in Palestine , Jordan , Lebanon , Iraq , Egypt and Syria . The site allows customers to order food by searching for restaurants near the customer's area, where the site uses Google Maps so that restaurants near the search area are seen. The idea of ​​the site came to facilitate the ordering process of the restaurant and to save time and phone calls.


Online food ordering service (known as ) was established in 2015. The site was originally only serving Minnesota, and later expanded to include several additional cities in the United States .

Recently, online food ordering services were activated in the middle east through CatchFood . In many CatchFood is operating in 6 countries It includes about 10,000 restaurants and food is requested through website.

In November 2005, CatchFood offering accepting orders through WIFI smart cloud printer.

In 2016, CatchFood is the first site accepting order Dine-in from platform . Customers can place order for dine-in as with some additional information.

Online ordering[edit]

Catchfood accepts orders via its websites and mobile applications. It connects customers with restaurants that offer food delivery in their area and lets them choose, order and pay online. Catchfood also has a review section on restaurant pages, where customers can comment on sales process, delivery, taste and overall impression of restaurants.

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