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Caster Wheel Material Application Guide

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Caster Wheel Material Application Guide

Application Information on Caster Wheel Materials

Caster Headquarters, LLC - Most Comprehensive Caster Wheel Guide in the Material Handling Industry

Caster Wheels come in dozens of material types for different applications. There are many industries that require certain caster wheel materials in order to get the optimal performance for each application. Some applications require a softer ride that absorbs shock and reduces sound decibels. Other applications require extremely heavy duty weight capacity requirements but can't use a steel wheel due to possible floor damage, this is when a Polyurethane Tread on a Cast Iron Core would normally come in. There are more caster and wheel applications than there are wheel materials. Our in depth Caster Wheel Guide below goes into depth of our wheel materials. Our Guide covers the basics on all wheel materials to help you figure out what wheel is your best choice for your application.

RUBBER WHEELS: Softer than polyurethane Withstands exposure to many chemicals & solvents with less than 10% acidity. Gray rubber = Non Marking. Black Rubber = Marking. Crowned = Better on carpet. Flat = Better on Hard Floors. Rubber climbs easier over obstacles, uneven floors, joints, gaps, and grips slippery floors easier. Protects floors and absorbs shocks. Do not leave rubber wheels above 50% of its rated weight capacity for prolonged periods of time, they will develop flat spots. Bonding agents can wear off if exposed to chemicals and certain environments. Do not exceed 150 F degrees. GRAY THERMO RUBBER (TPR) - 2-1/2" thru 8" wheels - up to 600 lbs CAST IRON MOLD-ON RUBBER - 4" thru 12" wheels - up to 1,300 lbs SUPER CUSHION RUBBER - 6" thru 8" wheels - up to 450 lbs RUBBER ON PLASTIC - 8" thru 10" wheels - up to 650 lbs SUPREME RUBBER ON ALUMINUM - 6" thru 8" wheels - up to 800 lbs

Polyurethane Wheels: Non Marking and Non Conductive. Not meant on poor floors or for absorbing shocks, abuse, overloading, obstructions, or storage. Polyurethane wheels are injection molded, mechanically and chemically bonded to a polyolefin center. Superior to rubber in withstanding grease, oil, cutting, chunking, and abrasive wear. POLYURETHANE ON ALUMINUM - 4" thru 8" wheels - up to 1,500 lbs POLYURETHANE ON IRON - 4" thru 12" wheels - up to 8,000 lbs POLYURETHANE ON POLYOLEFIN - 4" thru 8" wheels - up to 1,000 lbs SOLID POLYURETHANE - 3" thru 8" wheels - up to 1,000 lbs

Phenolic Wheels: Made from macerated canvas and resin. Molded under high pressure and heat. Recommended for smooth concrete and can be used for storage. Highly resistant to grease, oil, gas, and mild acids. Not meant for wet applications. Affected by strong acids and alkaline solutions. -40F – 250F degrees. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR PHENOLIC WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/PhenolicWheels-s/131.htm

Pneumatic Wheels: Pneumatic wheels with black tires do not leave marks as long as they are able to move freely. Recommended to use with swivel casters but not required. Best for noise absorption, and shock absorption. Very cushioned ride, use for fragile or delicate cargo, or on rough surfaces (gravel), or on grass. Foam Filled Pneumatic wheels last longer and are easier to roll with less effort. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR AIR FILLED PNEUMATIC WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/Pneumatic-Wheels-s/136.ht...

Forged Steel & Ductile Steel: Made for extreme weights that normal wheels can not handle. Not meant for protecting floors / will damage most factory floors. Capable of temperatures up to 700 F degrees. MACHINED STEEL DUCTILE & FORGED STEEL GRAY IRON (SEMI STEEL)

Polyolefin Wheels: Suited for wet and corrosive applications. Injected molded from a blend of thermoplastic polymers, forming a one piece solid and sanitary design. Highly resistant to many commonly encountered liquids. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR POLYOLEFIN (INDUSTRIAL PLASTIC) WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/Polyolefin-Wheels-s/129.h...

High Temperature Caster Wheels: HTPhenolic are made out of fiberglass and are best suited for dry heat applications, powder coating, bakery convection, and dry heat autoclaves. Glass-Filled Nylon performs best in moist heat applications such as smoke houses and around water and steam. Recommended to be used on smooth surfaces. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR HIGH TEMPERATURE WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/HighTempWheels-s/133.htm

Gray Iron Caster Wheels: Provide high capacity and are less expensive than forged steel. Practical for use on wood block or hardened smooth concrete. Causes deterioration on untreated concrete. Not recommended for floors or cargo protection. Gray iron is tough, long wearing material, but does not have the impact strength of ductile or forged steel. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR GRAY IRON STEEL WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/Semi-Steel-Wheels-s/169.h...

Machined Steel: Precision machined from hot-rolled steel bar stock. Highly resistant to shock loads and offer incomparable strength, durability, and performance. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR MACHINED STEEL WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/category-s/170.htm

V-Groove Caster Wheels: Designed to guide equipment by rolling on an inverted angle iron track. Elevated track minimizes problems caused by floor debris. When not operating on track the wheel tread on both sides of the V-groove allows for use on smooth floors. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE ALL OF OUR GROOVED WHEELS: https://www.casterhq.com/GroovedWheels-s/135.htm

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