Event: "Where Is Your Campus On the Continuum of Integrated Sustainability Planning?"[edit | edit source]

Our tentative Slogan - Working towards a Sustainable Future one day at a time!

OFFICIAL Schedule[edit | edit source]

of the Day's activities, with descriptions--

  • 11a-2:00p - Green Rush -- Pump up the environmental movement on campus and recruit! AKA The Social Justice and Environmental Clubs Fair
    • During Rush, from 11-12p - Roundtable forum on Sustainability issues on the Quad, with faculty/staff/admins/students
    • 12-1p - Fusiq will be playing, to create a fun atmosphere for us!
    • 1-2p - Dialogue on making a Campus Sustainability Program here on campus!
  • 5-7p - Dinner in JGC with Highlighted locally-produced ingredients bar of yumminess!
  • 7p - Movie Night in bottom floor of JGC, showing Captain Planet then "Oil on Ice" (in collaboration with Green Campus)

Planning Notes for CSD@HSU on October 25th, 2006[edit | edit source]

Notes for event communication -- Online Post-its to edit (copied info from there 9/28, maybe we won't use the post-its, and use this instead..?)

Get money to pay for stuff from[edit | edit source]

(* 9:30a-11:30a - Live Nationwide interactive Broadcast on Sustainability (aka videoconference) was Scrapped for various reasons..)

  • -- questions we need to answer before getting more funds:
    1. From AS: who are we? what kind of event is this? Write out a proposal.. DUE: 10/17/06
    2. Do we need money to subsidize the food costs?

Locally-grown/produced/inspired day in the Cafeteria![edit | edit source]

  • Paul will - talk to Ron Rudebock (met with him several times)
  • Ajay will - talk to student assistant, Eric Hall emailled 10/12
  • We all will - setup appointment with them, and Arnold

Event ideas?[edit | edit source]

  • on the quad?
    • Green Rush (Env. Clubs Fair on Quad)
    • Roundtable with Richmond, Capaccio and/or O'Rourke-Andrews, ITS? etc..
      • Pres. Richmond is at his son's wedding, and can't come. Dir. Capaccio is doing recruitment that week. should we reschedule, or just plan w/o Richmond? Need to talk to: (Housing) Patty O'Rourke-Andrews, and Richard Carlsen. (Campus) VPs such as ? (Coffey, Vrem, etc..)
      • Mark Doggett of IT Department
      • Someone doing Bob Schulz's job now
      • ENVS/NR faculty
      • ERE Chair
  • In the cafeteria
    • Tabling
    • Posters
    • Flyers (Signage) for local stuff we've already got

Publicity routes?[edit | edit source]

  • Submit Humboldt News, see http://web.archive.org/web/20081028233420/http://www.scup.org:80/csd/4/about.html
  • weekly newsletter
  • departments on campus
  • teachers on campus
    • Present in Engr114, Fri 2PM, NR101, 35 students - Who and which Friday? class is over
    • Present in Engr205, Mon 2PM, SciD 017, 13 students - Who and which Monday?
  • flyers - Paul and Emily made some
  • Poster - Bean can do a big one (emailled 10/13), and so can we. Poster nights! Next: Oct 15, 8p, near mailroom (Trinity River Suites)
  • Local papers - Arcata Eye, North Coast Journal; regular newspapers - Eureka Reporter, Times Standard; TV Stations -- Who said they had contacts there?
  • Hand stamp

Coordination/other help[edit | edit source]

  • Elena M's contacts (organic farms/foods/folks/etc)
  • Arcata Ed Farm (Julie Jo, Cole, Peter, Rowan)
  • Restaurants
  • Farmers (Paul attended Market at wildberries on 10/10)
  • Social and Environmental Clubs Coalition (Next Mtg: 5pm @CCAT or Muddy's Fri, 10/13/6)

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

Staff/Faculty Collaboration[edit | edit source]

Here's the email I sent to Carl Coffey and Gary Kriesge, who are both members of SCUP on 10/5--

	"Hi, I have recently been learning about an event known as Campus Sustainability Day (CSD),
http://web.archive.org/web/20081028233420/http://www.scup.org:80/csd/4/ and have been working with others on campus to bring this day, and event, to
HSU each year, starting with this year.
	We are working on several arenas to make an amazing day, but the reason I'm writing is because we
are interested in broadcasting the CSD webcast as the cornerstone part of our event. However,
there's a fee of $325 to participate in the webcast, which drops down to $265 for SCUP members. In
searching through their website, I noticed both of your names (in addition to Bob Schulz) in
their directory for Humboldt State. Does that mean you are both members of this organization, or
that our school is a member, and we would thus be able to qualify for the reduced member rate in
broadcasting this event?
	That's my main question for now. I'd love to hear any thoughts you all might have on the event
at some point as well."

Here's the next email I would like to send to them:

	 "There are also related questions I want to ask. For example--if there are venues through the
University proper we could go through to pay for this webcast, and possibly also for other related
parts of the day.
	We are in contact with both Associated Students (AS) and the Residence Hall Association (RHA) for
funding, but I would love to see the buy-in from the staff of the university, in addition to the
	I realize that will be a harder sell, and that's why I would like to try to make a case for it,
because I feel that will make the event all the more powerful.
	And just to give you a heads-up--
As part of this day, we would like to have a roundtable discussion, possibly on the quad, with
administrators, faculty and students of HSU sitting in, and giving their thoughts on the event's
theme: "Where Is Your Campus On the Continuum of Integrated Sustainability Planning?"
	There wouldn't really be any planning required for participants, but instead show up, and share
your thoughts.

Feel free to edit that email before I send it, and put any thoughts you may have, here, or under the 'Discussion' tab may be more appropriate!

What/Why/How/Who/etc..[edit | edit source]

Remember, this is meant to be a living document, feel free to add to it and edit as you see appropriate! Got some questions? Thoughts, comments, concerns that don't really fit into that attempt of an outline above, feel free to throw them down here, be as free, and free-form, as you wish!--

Discussion[View | Edit]

Offer[edit source]

Does anyone want to present about this in my Whole Earth Engineering class? This Friday, 10/13, is best. Engr114, Fri 2PM, NR101, 35 students. --Lonny 12:15, 12 October 2006 (PDT)

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