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California Valley Solar Ranch consists of the following proposal:

  • 250 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar power plant on land zoned Agriculture on the Carrizo Plain.
  • solar arrays that would cover nearly 1,900 acres, an electric substation,


  • maintenance facilities, public viewing areas, and an approximately
  • A 230 kV tieline.
  • commercial aggregate surface mine or quarry north of

the solar project where a small surface mine currently exists at the proposed location north of Highway 58.

Also proposed for that area is the Topaz Solar Farm Project at a site approximately 4 miles west.

Endangered species subject to impacts include the Giant Kangaroo Rat, San Joaquin ground squirrel and kit fox.

Environmental Impact[edit | edit source]

A Draft EIR was released for public comment in 2010.

Many parties have expressed concern (including litigation (Citation needed), because the project is proximal to the Carrizzo Plain National Monument. As described by The Nature Conservancy, the site has a diversity of wildlife comparable to Africa's Serengeti, and the highest concentration of threatened and endangered wildlife in California "these are the

irreplaceable assets of the Carrion Plain National Monument.[1] 27.html

References[edit | edit source]

  • This article stub or draft is based upon The above public comment for Upland Research Science Action on the Draft Environmental Impact Report on the California Valley Solar Ranch drafted by Geof Bard and is reformatted for CC-BY-SA at Appropedia.

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