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Book:Appropedia's offline content bundle

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Appropedia's offline content bundle
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Appropedia's offline content bundle[edit]

Water and sanitation
Water purification
Composting toilets
Water recycling
Water conservation
Quake Safe
Improved cook stoves
How to make and use a sawdust toilet
AEF greywater
Sunny Brae Yurt
Backpack frame bike trailer
Greywater Ecuador La lagrima purificadora
Kiva’s straw bale greenhouse
Old Growth Cellar rainwater catchment
4th and F St. Cob Bench
Aleiha's parabolic solar cooker
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology Natural Paint Project
Original:Solar drying
Parabolic Basket Solar Cooker
How tos
Bathroom Toilet Unit
Building compost guide
Building with Pumice
Ersson vermicomposting toilet (original)
Harvesting sheet metal
Home biogas system (Philippine BioDigesters)
How to make and use a sawdust toilet
Low voltage connection basics
Night Reader
Rope pump
Water supply and purification methods for emergencies
Weld wood
History and Understanding
What is Infrastructure?
A Short History of Public Health in Richer Countries
Technology and Social Change