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Ways of growing[edit | edit source]

What to grow[edit | edit source]

This is subjective (grow what you like!) and depends on your local climate, but here are some suggestions.

Grow things that taste great fresh, and/or you can't buy easily, or that you normally don't buy because you it's hard to plan ahead for spontaneous use of herbs or unusual salads. Being fresh, they can taste great even before the salad dressing.

During cool weather, grow pots of baby lettuce, spinach and rocket (all much nicer fresh). Also good are nasturtiums (for flowers & leaves) & marigold (petals can be used in a salad), coriander (cilantro), parsley, mint, basil, Vietnamese mint and various other herbs.

If your rocket or spinach become too mature for salads, they can be cooked, e.g. in a pasta sauce.

Other ideas: cherry tomatoes, strawberries.

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