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A Complete Handbook on Back-Yard and Commercial Rabbit Production (Peace Corps, 1982, 92 p.)[edit | edit source]

Author's Preface[edit | edit source]

Sa kalusugan ng bayan, rabbit ang alagaan. For the health of the nation, go into rabbit production.

Utilizing RABBIT, as an alternative protein source and its BYPRODUCTS as an income-generating activity, has been the campaign of dedicated rabbit raisers for many years. We have seen many backyard, commercial, and nutrition education rabbit production projects succeed and fail, although successes have so far surpassed the failures. From observation and evaluation of these past and on-going ventures, the following criteria are offered as guidelines to insure success in YOUR project.

1. A true and sincere dedication to the IDEA of rabbits as food for your family, neighbors, and for the general population.

2. A willing spirit to help and cooperate with your neighbor in his rabbit production project. If you are planning a backyard rabbitry and you cannot supply a market on your own, you MUST coordinate and cooperate with those around you. In this case, the net result of greed (profit for one self only) is eventual failure.

3. A STRICT program of sanitation and disease control. The only excuse for a dirty cage is laziness. If you cannot afford the time to clean your cages, feed and water containers EVERYDAY, DO NOT GO INTO RABBIT PRODUCTION. The majority of failures are due to the lack of proper sanitation.

4. If you cannot afford commercial feed, a balanced diet consisting of a variety of ALL types of forages will serve if the meat is only for local consumption. If you plan to market your rabbits professionally, then it is a MUST for commercial feeds to be given daily. If you do not pay careful attention to diet, your production will decrease and your breeding stock will degenerate. Plant your Green Revolution garden with a variety of legumes and root crops and cultivate an area for those recommended grasses BEFORE you begin your project.

5. To make any kind of profit, you must engage in tanning. You cannot make a substantial profit from meat alone unless you have the markets in Manila "cornered''.

6. If you are to succeed in rabbit production, you must FIRST DEVELOP A MARKET WITHIN YOUR OWN LOCALITY. If you choose to enter this growing field, you must be willing to propagate the idea of rabbits as food to your neighbors and relatives. You will be a teacher, a change agent, a community developer, and you will truely be a pioneer!

Good Luck to You All!
Diane Stahl
U.S. Peace Corps